Archaeologists Find Pharaoh’s Condoms, Like What? page all – The archaeologist Howard Carter found an object that was Tutankhamun’s condom. Even so, Pharaoh’s condom was probably not used as a contraceptive. The discovery of artifacts was revealed from the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun which was first excavated in 1922. Pharaoh’s artifacts include items such as gold, silver, ebony, ivory, precious […]

Russia and Ukraine War Eats More Victims, Egypt Now in Crisis!

Jakarta – People in Egypt began to reduce the supply of food due to high prices due to inflation. This is triggered by the war between Russia and Ukraine which has not yet ended. There was only some food in Hanna Ayyad’s fridge these days. “We can go without eating meat, buy once a month, […]

Israel opens investigation into “Egyptian soldiers buried in Jerusalem”

A spokesman for the Egyptian presidency said that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi had received a call from Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid in this regard. According to the spokesman, Lapid stressed that “the Israeli side will deal with this matter in a positive and transparent manner, and there will be communication and coordination with the […]

Polish sex tourists turn invisible grandmothers into real goddesses

Self-confidence tuning spiced with sex – this is what a trip to Egypt means for a retiree living in perfect invisibility in his country, where young local men call out older tourists in seconds. But not only them: young women are also coming to the country, although they have not fled from the taboo surrounding […]

A “new decision” confuses the gold market in Egypt

The head of the Gold and Precious Metals Manufacturing Division at the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Ihab Wassef, said, in a statement obtained by Sky News Arabia, that the increase in workmanship prices with the start of the new fiscal year 2022-2023 starting from this month was not issued by factory owners, but came according […]

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