Totalcar – Magazine – EX90: it will be the safest Volvo ever

Speculations about the successor to the Volvo XC90 have been going on for quite some time, we recently showed the leaked patent images. The naming didn’t seem entirely clear either, because first the Swedes talked about giving regular names instead of letter-number combinations, and then the EXC90 came up. Now the answer to the questions […]

Škoda is preparing a small electric SUV for the city. This is how we imagine it

In the coming years, Škoda will launch an electric offensive, which will also include an urban electric crossover. We tried to guess his form. We learned several interesting things at the presentation of the Škoda Vision 7S concept. The study of a large SUV carries design elements called Modern Solid, which over time will appear […]

Motor Town Detroit proves: the future is electric

NOS NOS News•Saturday, 21:24 Lucas Waagmeester United States correspondent Lucas Waagmeester United States correspondent Anyone looking for confirmation can find it this weekend in Detroit: the future of the American car industry is electric. From small startups to giants like Ford and General Motors, everything on the floor of the annual auto expo in Motor […]

Jeep will introduce its latest all-electric Avenger SUV in October

“This is one of the more interesting creations of the manufacturer, which marks a new stage in its history – a journey to electrification, a tribute to the environment and innovations,” says Arnoldas Ardzevičius, head of the official Jeep representative office in Lithuania. According to him, 400 km. The new SUV, which covers a distance […]

Saving fuel. How to choose an economical car?

If we want to be green, we must use energy from renewable resources Commenting on people’s desire to buy the cheapest and most environmentally friendly car possible, the head of the Automotive Department of RTU Transport Institute, docent Mg. sc. Eng. Gundars Zalcmanis believes that the issue is actually wider than it seems, because people […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Jeep presented three electric cars

Jeep under the umbrella of Stellantis is also slowly catching up with electrification, according to plans, half of the American range and all Jeeps in Europe will be electric by 2030. As part of this transformation, the brand has now introduced three electric Jeeps: the Wrangler-inspired Recon, the medium-sized Wagoneer St and the smaller Avenger. […]