[VC’s Pick]“Explosive growth expected”… Investment in electric vehicle charging startups continues

[이데일리 김연지 기자] This week (September 18-22), startups in various fields, including digital therapeutics, games, and online art, attracted investment from venture capital (VC) and accelerators (AC). In particular, as the penetration rate of electric vehicles is expected to increase, related solution and platform startups have attracted investment one after another. (Photo = Image Today) […]

Massive blackout in Havana due to heavy rains and electric shocks

MIAMI, United States. — Several municipalities in Havana were left without electricity on Tuesday night due to the heavy rains and electric shocks recorded in the capital. Mario Castillo Salas, director of the Havana Electric Company, informed the official Caribbean Channel that around 25 electrical circuits were tripped due to the storm. “Due to the […]

Economics Minister Dulig: Jobs at the Transparent Factory are safe

Saxony’s Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) commented on the Transparent Factory case on Monday afternoon and contradicted previous reports. “Volkswagen confirmed to me by phone in Dresden today that there is no change at all in the board’s mandate to change the business areas in Dresden,” said Dulig. The ID.3 should continue to be produced […]

Electric for families – Renault Scenic: No longer a van, but still spacious

Renault has presented the new generation of the Scénic, which is no longer a minivan but an electric crossover. The compact five-door model shares technology with the Mégane E-Tech Electric sedan and competes against competitors such as the VW ID.4 and Tesla Model Y. The 4.47 meter long and 1.57 m high electric Scénic shows […]

Electric vehicle subsidy investigation, EU-China trade war is about to break out

The European Union announced on Wednesday (13th) that it will launch an investigation into China’s electric vehicle subsidies. This move highlights the increasingly fierce industrial and geopolitical competition between Europe and China. The anti-subsidy investigation may snowball into a EU-China trade war. Spending money to subsidize the rapid expansion of electric vehicles in China According […]

China calls the EU investigation into Chinese subsidies for electric cars protectionist

HONG KONG (AP) — China’s Ministry of Commerce has protested a decision by the European Union to investigate exports of Chinese electric vehicles, saying Thursday it is a “protectionist” act aimed at distorting the supply chain. The EU announced Thursday that it will investigate government subsidies received by Chinese automakers, which Brussels says are artificially […]

The 2024 Kona EV: Upgraded Interior, Improved Powertrain, and Smart Features

The Kona EV’s interior has also seen significant changes for 2024. Gone are the split infotainment and gauge clusters, as well as the decidedly dated metallic center console. In their place are a panoramic gauge cluster and an infotainment display unit that contains two 12.3-inch screens and a center console with a futuristic look and […]

Audi Activesphere electric – the “3 in 1” concept car

Audi has recently had impressive designs, attracting fans of this brand by launching car models The all-new Audi Activesphere. Considering the theoretical factor, the days of typical sedans or crossover styles are outdated, so Audi calls Activesphere a crossover combined with a luxury coupe. The design of Audi Activesphere electric car Perhaps this will be […]