Totalcar – Magazine – Toyota justified the electric car lag

Toyota’s annual meeting was held on June 15, where the brand’s chief technology officer, Masahiko Maeda, addressed criticisms of the company’s strategy strategy: carbon neutrality is clearly the goal (shown by $ 60 billion planned to spend on electricity by 2030).it was models), but the pace of transition is determined by customers. They have clearly […]

electric classic Mini Beijing Estech Technology

A new electric car manufacturer has recently entered the Chinese market and is already resurrecting one of the most popular small cars ever, the Minit, in electric form, Carscoops reports. Little is known about Beijing Estech Technology in Beijing, which is behind the project, but it is rumored that it is also financially supported by […]

Tesla in trouble. It does not produce in Shanghai, it calls cars in the USA

Tesla has halted most of its production at its plant in Shanghai due to problems securing parts for its electric vehicles, Reuters reported, citing internal sources from the carmaker. The problem caused by Beijing’s tough action against the spread of the coid is another of a number of recent issues, including today’s announcement of the […]