The new largest charging station in the world has 258 charging points

The charging station is operated by a joint venture between Shell and BYD, a Chinese company that manufactures electric cars. Across China, Shell already has approximately 800 charging stations for electric cars, which it also operates either as a joint venture or as a wholly-owned subsidiary. “We know that electric car drivers are looking for […]

KfW Research: Company vehicle fleets are important levers for achieving the …

27.08.2023 – 09:00 KfW Frankfurt am Main (ots) Already every seventh car in company fleets is fully or partially electric. Large and small companies are roughly equal in terms of fleet electrification In Germany, around a quarter of the climate-damaging greenhouse gases are produced in the transport sector. In 2022 alone, 148 million tons of […]

Radical progress in battery technology: 700 km range and 400 km charge in just 10 minutes!

Electromobility stands and falls with batteries – their price, size, weight, capacity and charging speed. And all the companies involved around the world are working intensively to make each next generation of batteries cheaper, more compact, lighter, enable a longer range and charge faster. Here is the latest venture that promises progress in all directions. […]

Renault Megane EV – Aktuálně.cz

The French may have earned a reputation as revolutionaries, but they manage the transition to electromobility without grand gestures. They are not developing separate platforms, or even inventing new names. Mégane has been on the market for a quarter of a century and with the new drive it wants to fulfill the same role as […]

Volkswagen plans to mass-produce dry-coated batteries

VW battery production The car manufacturer is working on a more efficient and environmentally friendly process. (Photo: Volkswagen) Wolfsburg The stuff that Volkswagen in the battery issue, looks like a mixture of chia seeds and gunpowder. Sebastian Reuber stands in white protective clothing in one VWdevelopment center near Wolfsburg and crushes the granulate in front […]