Intermittence: a white year for some, gray for others

White it sounds to presidential ears like “nothing”. Is that he would prefer it “Blue” or “pink”, this white year he wants for intermittent workers. Just to say that they will not be inactive. Emmanuel Macron, from the Elysée, sleeves rolled up and “Pragmatic utopia” pegged to the body, revealed the outlines of his long-awaited […]

the reopening of cafes and restaurants on the Élysée menu

When will the dishes of the day return to the table and small morning coffees to the counter? The question of the reopening of cafes and restaurants will undoubtedly be the main dish of the videoconference that the President of the Republic and the representatives of the sector must hold this Friday, April 24. The […]

The deconfinement plan will be “adapted to the territories”, declares the Elysee

The President of the Republic met on Thursday April 23 with local elected officials on the strategy of deconfinement, from May 11. This must be prepared with the mayors, insisted Emmanuel Macron, according to remarks reported by the Élysée, and the national framework will have to be adapted and territorialized, but not by regions, which […]