On video | Camino Nuevo Barranquilla will strengthen preventive medicine

A total of 80 thousand users will benefit from the Camino Nuevo Barranquilla that advances in the old building of the Barranquilla Hospital, located in the San Roque neighborhood. The new project, which is built in an area of ​​11,019 square meters without affecting the heritage building of the current Hospital, guarantees care for users […]

Zebra introduces: the third most dangerous intersection in Latvia Cars and traffic

The program “Zebra” invites everyone who has traveled on the Liepāja highway at least once to listen. The intersection Riga – Liepaja, Tukums – Jelgava, is the third most dangerous in Latvia. This intersection is very famous for its danger, already in 1998 the director Pēteris Pētersons went to this place, reminds Zebra. Since then, […]

Personería requires EPS Salud Total to improve service

The District Office, headed by Angélica Ávila Goldfarb, made a strong call for attention to Total Health EPS to immediately correct certain behaviors in the care of its members. This urgent request by the Public Ministry is given by the constant complaints and complaints by the users, who have manifested delays in the delivery of […]

Father (32) saves 2 children from drowning and goes under himself

Drama in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern A 32-year-old father died on the beach in Ahrenshoop on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula after rescuing two children from the water on Wednesday afternoon. According to police, the girl and the boy (both 10 years old) were caught by the current in the area of ​​a stone wall and could not save themselves […]

They prioritize medical care for those over 60 with COVID-19

People over 60 years of age have become the population most affected by the new coronavirus, to the point that they account for nearly 75% of the deaths registered by this disease in the city. This situation has caused an alert among the district authorities, who launched a strategy to reduce the mortality of older […]

Denied medical care for young man who fell off a motorcycle

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- 21-year-old Manuel N. fell from a motorcycle and suffered severe injuries to his face and various parts of his body. His relatives took him in a rental unit at dawn to the Red Cross where they did not attend him and they transferred him to the General Hospital, there they were denied care […]

Covid-19: on the trail of the enigmatic “patient zero”

What if the coronavirus epidemic had started in France well before the end of January? “The first cases of Covid-19? We will surely have surprises ”, says Professor William Dab, former director general of health. “The first cases surely occurred well before the start of 2020, contrary to what we initially thought, abounds Dominique Costagliola, […]

Covid19: New emergency appeal of $ 1.6 billion for children affected

UNICEF is appealing for $ 1.6 billion to support its humanitarian response for children affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, against $ 651.6 million requested in a similar appeal in late March. This increase reflects the devastating socio-economic consequences of the disease and the growing needs of families. As the epidemic enters its fifth month, the […]

Concern rises over inflammation affecting children

The alert is worrying and the many pending questions will inevitably fuel anxiety. For several weeks, several medical teams in Europe have been worried about the growing appearance of serious inflammatory syndromes in children, some of which are associated with myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). These teams wonder about the potential link with the […]