Emergency in Pereira: Landslide paralyzes the water supply in the Coffee Commune

A morning marked by urgency and concern, the residents of the Coffee Commune, in Pereira, face a critical situation after a large landslide that has paralyzed the water supply. At 4:30 am on Saturday, September 16, the aqueduct networks that connect this community with the rest of the city were affected near the Parque de […]

San Juan de Lurigancho: Mayor requests a state of emergency

San Juan de Lurigancho: Mayor requests a state of emergency Besides He stressed that the march will begin at 4 in the afternoon and will begin at Parque Maestro The mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Jesús Maldonado, has requested the central government to decree a state of emergency in his district as a measure […]

Emergency in Lampedusa: Six thousand migrants in just 24 hours

The Italian island of Lampedusa witnessed another massive wave of migrant arrivals on Wednesday (13) in just 24 hours. Local authorities estimate that around six thousand people arrived on the island in small boats seeking asylum, or dreaming of the possibility of going to northern European countries. Local shelters only have a few hundred places […]

Casanare gets ready for the National Emergency Response Drill on October 4

The JEP scheduled for September 18 and 19, in Yopal, the Truth Recognition Hearing of the Casanare Subcase – Case 03. In the judicial proceeding, 21 members of the Army, an official from the extinct DAS and two civilians charged with ‘false positives’ ‘ will accept responsibility for participating in the execution of murders and […]

Emergency admission of a Moroccan official to a hospital in Jordan

Major accidents and crimes 3 seconds ago Watan Al-Youm: A statement issued by the Moroccan Council of Councilors, on Wednesday, stated that it was impossible for Mr. Al-Naam Mayara, Speaker of the Council of Councilors, and Speaker of the Mediterranean Parliament, to continue the parliamentary visit that was scheduled for September 6 and 7 to […]