ADNOC Logistics and Services is offering a minority stake to enhance its value in the…

(MENAFN) ADNOC, a trusted and responsible provider of low-emissions energy, has announced its intention to float a 15% minority stake in ADNOC Logistics & Services, the leading integrated shipping and marine logistics company for the energy sector, on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. This step comes within the framework of ADNOC’s ambitious plan for growth […]

Another confession in the Audi emissions scandal process

In the fraud process surrounding the diesel scandal at the German car manufacturer Audi, another defendant wants to achieve a mild sentence with a confession. The former Head of Audi Engines and Porsche Development Director Wolfgang Hatz had his defense attorney Gerson Trüg explain before the Munich Regional Court on Tuesday that he confessed to […]

Biden wants caps on greenhouse gas emissions from US power plants

President Joe Biden’s administration wants to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions from US power plants. This proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would apply to new as well as existing power plants. If implemented, the proposal would mark the first time the U.S. government has capped carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. […]

Relies on electric trucks from Designwerk for cross-Alpine distribution (

08. Apr 2023 ( Dpd is consistently implementing the electrification of its fleet. In addition to switching to e-vans on shorter routes and on the last mile, the parcel service provider also uses e-mobility for the trucks that travel between the depots. Since the beginning of February 2023, Dpd Switzerland has been using electrically powered […]

Aurélie Gillieaux: “The mobility of the future will be multimodal and shared”

07 avril 2023 20:30 A recent study on the mobility of Belgians shows that the vast majority of cars are still used for our business trips. However, alternatives exist, without completely excluding the use of the car. This is what Skipr offers, a Belgian company whose boss Damien Deroanne met the boss, Aurélie Gillieaux, in […]

Diet options? Study reveals best for the environment

<!– –> Vegan, paleo, omnivore or ketogenic? Which diet has the best nutritional quality and which produces the least carbon emissions? A new study from Tulane University, United States, used data from more than 16,000 diets and listed the best and worst for consumers and the planet. The study focused on the diets most popular, […]

new measure that affects these vehicles in 2023

The DGT warns: new measure that affects these vehicles in 2023Shutterstock The Climate Change and Energy Transition Law will oblige municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to establish areas with traffic restrictions to improve air quality. This measure will affect both drivers residing in large cities and those who want to enter them from outside. […]

CO2 emissions threaten rice production worldwide

The high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is a double threat, because it has effects on the food safety and in the global climate emergency. According to the conclusion of an international research team in which the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) of Catalonia intervenes, a high concentration of […]