Célimène Daudet, sweet touches – Culture / Next

How is Célimène Daudet? Very well, she is in confinement. Like musicians all over the world, the pianist watches the hours pass away from the virus, without knowing when she can return to the stages. But she still has a news in her bow. In this case the release of a new album, Black Mass, […]

Gertrude Stein, an ode to daring

The American Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) became rich and famous with Alice Toklas autobiography, written in six weeks in autumn 1932. In this delightful masterpiece, easy to read, which is not the case with all her books, she imagines a new device for writing her memoirs: she is described by its “Married”, the companion of her […]

From calligrapher to shepherdess, a capital conversion

To change life. Who hasn’t dreamed of it. The act rarely follows the petted thought. Florence Robert became a calligrapher and became a shepherdess. And not anywhere: she dreamed from a very young age of living in these Corbières wedged between sea and plain. The meeting with a beekeeper near Lagrasse (Aude), Jean Poudou, convinced […]

Letter to the French since their future – Liberation

I’m writing from Italy, so I’m writing from your future. We are now where you will be in a few days. The curves of the epidemic show us embraced in a parallel dance in which we find ourselves a few steps ahead of you on the timeline, just as Wuhan was compared to us a […]

From look to look – Culture / Next

In the evening, you have to go to bed. This is the time to close your eyes to the world. “In bed !” threw his dad at Gaspard, who is a little heady. He may not want to leave the garden and explore to go home and slip into his bed. Before going to bed, […]

Educate in empathy to reduce violence and increase happiness | Moms and Dads

Account Luis Moya Albiol, Professor of Psychobiology at the University of Valencia, who as a child enjoyed doing theater and liked to put himself in the place of the characters to get closer to his way of feeling, thinking and acting. Without even knowing the term, today the Doctor of Psychology was working on empathy, […]

Weinstein is accused of abuse of power and lack of empathy

DThe defense accuses the alleged victims, Harvey Weinstein wants to put the charges behind bars for life: In the end of the spectacular rape process, the public prosecutor accused the ex-film mogul of serious sexual crimes. Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi denounced Weinstein’s abuse of power in her closing argument on Friday in the case against former […]

Events in Black Life in Schools Boston

The Black Lives Matter initiative in Boston Public Schools gave an angry response from the city’s police union leader, but the teachers’ union stands firmly with the support of the mayor’s office and others. Michael Leary, President of the Boston Police Patrol Society, launched a letter on Monday Boston Teachers Union Monday asking the group […]