Oscar nomination for Polish film. People and donkeys

Rewrite this content That’s a pretty good kind of retirement, I thought at the time. It was a warm, lazy late afternoon in Malibu. In Jerzy Skolimowski’s house, on a steep hill by the ocean, in the middle of the living room, there was an American billiards table, and freshly painted pictures leaned against the […]

Isaac Herzog warns Europe against Iran

Rewrite this content “The regime in Tehran knows no borders, and Europe cannot afford it to continue wreaking havoc in the Middle East,” the Israeli president warns in a text published in Politico. In his opinion, Iran is destabilizing the world order. “Our world order is under attack, outdated doctrines of peace and prosperity are […]

48+11+6! Scoring a new season high with 21 points in the final quarter of single-core Irving’s crazy and unsolvable singles. The Nets ended their 4-game losing streak_Jazz_Markanen_NBA

Rewrite this content Original title: 48+11+6!Scoring a new season high with 21 points in the final quarter, single-core Irving’s crazy and unsolvable singles ended the Nets’ 4-game losing streak On the morning of January 21st, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued. The Utah Jazz played at home against the Brooklyn Nets. After sending away […]

Who bets on the end of the awakening? • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Mashari Al-Dhaidi, commented on the attempts to reactivate the Awakening Service under different titles. In his article titled “Who Bet on the End of the Awakening?”, published in the “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” newspaper, Al-Dhaidi stated that it is noticeable that there are attempts to reactivate the service of the Awakening, that is, […]

Renault and Nissan agree to restructure their alliance

Nissan and Renault have agreed to restructure their alliance after months of discussions. An official announcement is expected at the end of January-early February. A meeting of the coalition is likely to be held on January 26 in Japan to put the final touches on the documents that have been ratified. This agreement was discussed […]

Ukraine offensive? Gen. Skrzypczak: I wouldn’t expect much

The American “The Washington Post” writes that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict may last for years. The newspaper emphasizes that Vladimir Putin will not allow Russia to lose Crimea at any price. According to the author of the text, Western countries are afraid that if Ukraine tries to retake the peninsula, then Putin will use all available […]

Basel ballet school closes professional training – Basel

The ballet school Theater Basel wants to close the professional training area after allegations of abuse were published at the end of October. Specifically, an application was made to the Basel Education Department for the closure of the training area at the end of the 2022/2023 school year and for financial support for this process, […]

Capat, new unifying association in the Grand Duchy

Nine Luxembourg organizations have just created the Capat association to defend their interests. A new association has just been launched in the Grand Duchy. The ASBL Capat, the Cercle des associations de patients, is supported by nine Luxembourgish organizations recognized in the field of public health. These are the Association Luxembourg Alzheimer, the Association Luxembourgeoise […]

Indexation “500 plus” up to PLN 800? Rzeczkowska replies

– Of course we have an economic slowdown, we do not discuss it. The situation is difficult and there are a number of challenges, said the head of the Ministry of Finance. The politician, when asked about the “500 plus” valorization process, emphatically replied that the government of Law and Justice (United Right) “absolutely does […]