Endesa raises questions about the nuclear shutdown plan | Economy

Endesa has sown doubts about the agreed plan for the closure of nuclear power plants. While for the two Almaraz groups it plans a repayment term of 44 and 45 years, for the Ascó and Vandellós plants it is maintained in 50 years and this has been reflected in accounting. This decision on the Catalan […]

Endesa’s profit falls 88% after recognizing asset impairments of 1,873 million euros

Endesaobtained an attributed net profit of 171 million euros in 2019, which represents aeach 87.9%with respect to the 1,417 million euros of the previous year, after presenting sometotal accounting impairments in your assetsfor 1,873 million euros, reported the company. Specifically, energy has charged to the results of 2019 a deterioration of 1,469 million euros for […]

The Generalitat negotiates with Endesa while energy poverty persists in Catalua

JORDI RIBALAYGUE @JRibalaygue Barcelona Updated Sunday, 2. 3 February 2020 –19:41 Try to close a pact with the company on the debt of families without resources before polling more companies Concentration before the headquarters of Endesa.SANTI COGOLLUDO It’s been two months sinceGeneralitatconcretized a draft agreement to zero the counter of theenergy povertyThe protocols have been […]