Overcome Energy Prices, Germany Passes Policy Package of IDR 2.9 Thousand Trillion

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -German Chancellor Olaf Scholz passed a 200 billion euros policy package to protect industries and households from the impact of rising energy prices. The allocation includes stopping gas prices and cutting fuel sales tax. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, is dealing with soaring gas and electricity costs, largely due to falling Russian gas supplies […]

Greenchoice also raises energy prices later after criticism | Economy

After criticism from the House of Representatives and regulator ACM, energy company Greenchoice is also delaying the announced increase in its variable rates for a few weeks. The increases will now not take effect on October 1, but only on October 20. In doing so, the company follows industry peers Eneco, Essent and Vattenfall, who […]

Expect Germany’s GDP in 2023 to shrink from the energy crisis | World Economic Summary 30 Sept. 65

Four leading German economic institutions forecast GDP in 2023 to shrink due to the #GermanyGDP energy crisis #GermanyGDP #Germany’s economy #ikbanpot #iktnn16 #ikbanpottnn16 #Ikbanphot, abbreviation of the world economy #Economic World Summary #Ikbanphotthana increase happiness #Economic World Summary #World Economics #Economic Channel to follow the news station TNN Channel 16 https://www.tnnthailand.com https://tv.trueid.net/live/tnn16 https://www.youtube.com/c /tnn16 https://www.facebook.com/TNNthailand/ […]

‘Dying’ Germany, Gives New Warning About Energy Crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Germany’s main energy regulator issues an urgent warning to consumers to save more gas despite the cold weather. This warning appears because the numbers show gas usage is above average. “Without significant reductions, including in private households, it will be difficult to avoid gas shortages this winter,” said Klaus Mueller, head […]

Variable energy rates up 440% in year

In August 2021, consumers with an average consumption* spent €1637 per year for a new variable contract. In August 2022, that was €5524. With the variable rates of September 29, 2022, consumers even pay an average of €7237 per year. Not all consumers have the same rate. Personal offers may differ per customer. Existing customers […]

Pellet prices up-to-date from today: Prices for 1 ton of pellets (30.9.)

energy costs Pellet prices today on September 30: That currently costs a ton 30.09.2022, 11:35 | Reading time: 3 minutes Energy crisis: With GPS trackers against wood theft Energy crisis: With GPS trackers against wood theft The demand for firewood is growing, prices are rising. Wood theft is also increasing in German forests. Forestry companies […]

Current heating oil prices: Prices for 1 liter of heating oil from today (29.9.)

energy costs Heating oil prices today: That’s what a liter of heating oil costs on September 29th. Updated: 09/29/2022, 16:28 | Reading time: 4 minutes Heating check will be mandatory from October Heating check will be mandatory from October From October, checking natural gas heaters will be mandatory. Consumers must note that: show description Energy […]