But no aliens in New York City | Current world | DW

For minutes the night sky over the New York borough of Queens was brightly lit. A blue, circular light pulsed over the skyline. Then the spectacle was over as suddenly as it had started. Residents shared photos and videos of the strange play of light on social media. Speculation about the cause made the rounds. […]

Because of the Pandemic, WIKA Beton Remodeled a Massive Target

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk or WIKA Beton made a major revision of the company’s target in the predetermined ideal year. Director of Finance, Human Capital and Risk Management of WIKA Beton Imam Sudiyono said the revision of the company’s performance target must be carried out as part of the impact of […]

Sleep, an effective medicine | The Miami Herald

Sleep, like hunger, is linked to our biological clock, located in the hypothalamus. Not sleeping the right hours, that is to say, seven to eight hours, has dangerous consequences for the brain. Lack of sleep contributes to cognitive damage, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease. Along with the hours, the quality of sleep is very important. […]

What is fitness and what difference does it have with physical exercise?

The secret of fitness is in the supply of nutrients. A well-nourished body has greater energy, aerobic endurance, muscular strength, and body balance. If these parameters are met, the body has the correct fuel so that it works better. The important thing is that the priority is to maintain motivation, the supply of nutrients and […]