Federer: Knee injury is a “private matter”

Roger Federer does not want to speak publicly about the nature and severity of his knee injury after the end of his tennis career next weekend. London. He will probably never do it, said the 41-year-old superstar in an interview with the sda ​​news agency. “It’s a private matter, I don’t even know some things […]

No change: Freund remains sports director in Salzburg free press

Salzburg. Austria’s soccer series champions FC Red Bull Salzburg prevailed against Chelsea in the struggle for sports director Christoph Freund. As the club announced, the 45-year-old will stay with the cup winners and Bundesliga leaders. “Christoph Freund is and will remain sporting director of FC Red Bull Salzburg, there is no move to Chelsea,” the […]

Harry Kane, Chelsea’s new target

According to several media outlets in England, the Chelsea Are you interested in getting the services of Harry Kane in the next summer transfer market due to the need they have to strengthen the center forward position. The Blue team is thinking of making a millionaire investment in the next summer transfer market to offer […]

A rare event that surprised scientists for the first time.. Details of a meteorite landing on Earth in England, and this is what they discovered inside it

Exclusive translation: Scientists have revealed, for the first time, the presence of extraterrestrial water in a meteorite that came from an asteroid somewhere near Jupiter, and landed in the United Kingdom in the town of Gloucestershire last year. The scientists found that the composition of this water is “very similar” to the composition of the […]

The publicity impact of the funeral of Elizabeth II provide millions to England

Without the slightest doubt, the endless obsequies of Queen Elizabeth II have generated the expected publicity effect, thanks to the well-calculated impact of the England brand on the minds of 4,500 million viewers around the world. The British monarchy is a brand, a great structure of well-calculated marketing. And we have appreciated it. And what […]

Sadio Mané does not work and Bayern is looking for another center forward

The Bayern Munich is leaving many doubts in this stretch of the season due to the fact that they have gone four games without a win in the Bundesliga, losing yesterday to FC Augsburg by the slightest difference. The name of Julian Nagelsmann is one of the main targets, but criticism has also begun to […]

Calais: migrants ready to do anything to reach England

Published on : 20/09/2022 – 09:33Modified : 20/09/2022 – 09:39 Clandestine crossings of the English Channel are organized from Calais, on the northern coast of France, day and night. Conscious of the danger but in search of a life which they hope will be better, the candidates for exile have only one hope, to reach […]

Where did the King of England’s wealth come from? page all

LONDON, KOMPAS.com – When the Queen dies, wealth is passed down through the line of succession along with titles, making her son a King and a rich man. But where exactly did the King of England’s wealth come from? As heir, King Charles is guaranteed an income of more than £20 million a year. The […]

Battle of Antietam 1862: turning point in the American Civil War

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