Niurka Marcos is eliminated from “The House of Celebrities 2” – Metro Puerto Rico

The Cuban Niurka Marcos turned last night, Monday, into sixth eliminated from the second season of “the house of the famous” (Telemundo) after an intense vote among four inhabitants. Mark, 54 years old, got 48 percent of the public’s downvotesWhile the Venezuelan actress Daniella Navarrowho was Niurka’s “archenemy” in the competition, achieved 39 percent. For […]

I’m stunned, “Inspector Bear” that the groom “Pancake” gets this salary?

By on Sunday, May 29, past “Pancakes” and “Inspector Bear” okayto pay homage to Somdej Phra Ariyawongsagathanan Patriarch to ask for blessings and give holy water for auspiciousness on the wedding day and birthday On that day, pictures of the two were released. Many people who saw it gasped. Because both of them can wear […]