Did Ivan Lalinde leave with RCN rage as many viewers believed? (TV)

Did Ivan Lalinde leave with RCN rage as many viewers believed? And it is that the presenter spoke of his passage through the channel in the middle of a live with the 15 Minutes magazine. First, he stated that he took great moments, experiences, friends and many gray hairs from the channel. And to solve […]

Raymond Arrieta announces “Da Vida” walk has been postponed until further notice

Due to the situation in the country, due to the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19, the entertainer and comedian Raymond Arrieta, announced that the Da Vida walk scheduled for July 10 of this year has been postponed until further notice. Arrieta made the announcement on a segment of Telemundo’s Día a Día program. “The event […]

Study indicates lifestyle changes can reduce stroke risk by 25% for women

April 9 (UPI) – Middle-aged women can still reduce their risk of having a stroke by eating well, exercising and not smoking, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal Stroke. Simply by being healthier, the researchers say the risk of stroke in women decreases by 25 percent, based on data analysis of […]

Pilates may lower blood pressure and body fat in obese women, study finds

April 1 (UPI) – A new study has determined that Pilates can significantly improve blood pressure in young, obese women. Women who perform 90 minutes of Mat Pilates weekly observed a drop in blood pressure of up to six points and experienced a decrease in their percentage of body fat, according to the results of […]