The actor Andrés Retrepo died of Covid-19: his father, Fabio, is in the ICU

The actor Andrés Retrepo died of Covid-19: his father, Fabio, is in the ICU Colombian television is in mourning because of Covid-19. The actor died in a clinic in Medellín Andres Restrepo, who was hospitalized for complications associated with the virus after being infected at the end of December. Andrés was also a producer and […]

Snoop Dogg will be her wedding DJ

RTL>feeds> January 24, 2022 – 11:18 am Clock Im April in Florida Celebrity DJ at celebrity wedding. When the British photographer Brooklyn Beckhams (22) and US actress Nicola Peltz (27) say yes on April 9th ​​on the extensive estate of their billionaire father Nelson Peltz (79) in Florida, none other than Snoop Dogg (50) is […]

Dates, who is there? places

the Hit night of the year 2022 takes place in several cities throughout the year. Here you can find them Dates 2022, places and who will be there, as far as the plans indicate. Schlager night of the year 2022 dates, who is there? Places – Photo: Free-Photos on Pixabay The Schlager Night of the […]

Define each academic unit of the BUAP dates for safe face-to-face return

Internal Supervision and Biosafety committees were formed that will be in charge of the periodic review of the facilities, as well as the acquisition of supplies and personal protection equipment. Puebla, Pue.- BUAP students return to face-to-face classes, in stages and with established protocols, to preserve your health from all risks. Among other actions, the […]

‘The Ventures’ guitarist died ‘peacefully’

He was a founding member of the US band The Ventures. Now the musician Don Wilson has died. The guitarist was 88 years old. Photo series with 52 pictures Don Wilson is dead. The founding member of the American instrumental rock band The Ventures died on Saturday morning in Tacoma, Washington state. This was announced […]

fibbed? Gülcan Kamps posts photo “without filter”

The 39-year-old reports to her fans very comfortably, without mascara and only in her sleeping top. “No makeup, no filter, just a happy mom,” Gülcan writes about the natural photo. But wait a minute: the fans don’t think it looks like “no filter”! An indication: the date displayed on the left edge of the picture. […]

Jan Grue about the love of Ida Jackson

Jan Grue on the vulnerability: – What for others is a well-marked trail through everyday life, is for me like a narrow path over a deep gorge. Even a short trip out of the apartment requires thorough preparation Award-winning author Jan Grue writes about the vulnerability of having a different body. – Sometimes I forget […]

‘OMT’ has become an official exchange company

Banque du Liban: ‘OMT’ has become an official exchange company date of publication : 21 Jan 2022 Banque du Liban: ‘OMT’ has become an official exchange company date of publication : Sunday January 23, 2022 The Banque du Liban issued a new decision that includes a list of duly registered exchange institutions. The regulation indicated […]

Prince Andrew: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

When trying to access Prince Andrew, the Duke of York’s Twitter profile, an error message pops up – “This account no longer exists”. The situation is similar with his official accounts on the platforms Facebook and YouTube. This action may have happened on the advice of his lawyers, after all, Prince Charles’ younger brother (73) […]

“Oppo” unveils its latest new phones “Find X5”

Reports revealed that the Chinese smartphone maker Oppo will launch its new flagship phones, “Find X5” and “Find X5 Pro”, within a few days. Several leaks indicated that the phones will come with a design similar to the “Find X3 Pro” phone that the company launched last year, and specifications that are generally in line […]