Alex Saab’s belongings are taken from the seized mansion

After the Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement on June 9, in which he stated that several properties of the questioned businessman Alex Saab would enter the domain extinction process, on Wednesday images arrived at the EL HERALDO newsroom in which it is seen how , supposedly, they are taking belongings from one of those properties. […]

Durov predicted a civilizational shift due to coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

According to the creator of VKontakte, the coronavirus pandemic is a threat to the human species and after its end the world will not be the same. He encouraged people to use self-isolation time to create a “better version of themselves.” The creator of the VKontakte social network and Telegram messenger Pavel Durov said that […]

The court adjourned hearings in the Tinkoff case in London :: Business :: RBC

The meeting was to be held on April 27, the date on which it was rescheduled is not yet known. US Internal Revenue Service accuses businessman of understating tax payments Oleg Tinkov (Photo: Donat Sorokin / TASS photo hosting agency) Hearings on the extradition of Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov to the United States were postponed […]

success for some, disappointment for others

TESTIMONIALS – Emergency measures are widely accepted by entrepreneurs. For its ten executives, the start-up Pony did not use the partial unemployment system, even if the activity is very limited. ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA / ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA Rudy is the boss of a car and bicycle rental agency in La Baule. A small […]

Professional ‘Mentoring’ to break gender stereotypes | Economy

15 prestigious directives in Spain. 15 university students wanting to eat the world; 15 innovative projects or ideas, and three months to develop them together thanks to the knowledge that the mentors will bring to their young students. So is the shadowing I, boss, a mentoring initiative promoted by the Trescom communication agency with the […]

Corinna denounce in London King Juan Carlos and the former director of the CNI for threats

Friday, 6 March 2020 – 15:16 He accuses former CNI director Flix Sanz Roldn of being behind a “campaign” of harassment and of personally intimidating her Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, at an event held in Moscow in 2019.Valery SharifulinGETTY IMAGES The former friend of the King Emrito Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein denouncing Don Juan Carlos in the […]

Job cuts at Karstadt Kaufhof apparently almost complete

Dusseldorf The job cuts initiated after the merger of the Karstadt and Kaufhof department stores are practically complete, according to the owner of Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof, René Benko. “The time of job cuts at Karstadt has long been over, but at Kaufhof we are de facto through the entire job cuts,” said the Austrian real […]

Ophardt Hygiene benefits from the corona virus

Disinfectant dispenser from Ophardt Hygiene (Photo: Ophardt Hygiene) Dusseldorf Heiner Ophardt does not want to join the growing corona hysteria. On the contrary: his company of the same name from Issum on the Lower Rhine region benefits from the fact that hygiene requirements in hospitals, medical practices and public buildings are increasing rapidly. “At the […]