Honey Harper: with “Starmaker”, the esthete rings

The milky skin, the first name of honey, all indicates that one holds there a cowboy with the tender feet, and the songs do not contradict. Honey Harper, 30, practices a country music filtered by the shutters of exile and the distant memories of high plains fantasized through the family disco. Settled in London for […]

At war with boredom: porn stars, folk rhymes and roommate vampires

1- With sun and poppers For years, Karen and Barry Mason’s children thought their parents were odd booksellers that when they walked through the store, they were told to bow their heads and look at their shoes. In reality, the couple, an ex-journalist passionate about censorship, an engineer who worked in the field of special […]

At war with boredom: cartels, kazoo and a boarding school for young girls

With babies interchanged Hasn’t the time come to rediscover the depths of French comedy? Of course, with the viewing of Little Michu, operetta by André Messager composed in 1897 which contains everything a confined person can dream of: twin sisters, an interchange of babies, a rigid soldier, stupid merchants… Presented in a garish pink candy-duck […]

Johnny Jane, DJ Yellow, Checler, the music book playlist

Each weekend, Tsugi’s webradio accompanies the music notebook of Release. Discovery Johnny Jane’s film noir Had to dare. Take his nickname from a famous song by Gainsbourg, whose music is taken from the soundtrack of I love you either. Because it’s good because teenager, this young Frenchman of 21 years went by in loop of […]

Nerlov kézako? – Culture / Next

Is this verlan, Nerlov? Like Lovner? But no, nothing, nada. No matter how much we searched, turned the letters in all directions, we have found (so far) no sense in this strange pseudo with Slavic sound behind which hides an Angevin singer-producer-bassist. Already crossed in the first lives, more than ten years ago, within various […]

At war with boredom: Melvillian gangs, bumblebees and a “Te Deum”

With manly jaw clenches When it comes to nominating a filmmaker’s best film, the discussions come alive. But when the Melville file arrives, everyone is silent, taken aback. Faced with the monolithic filmography of the master of the French thriller, can we really choose? Instinctively, many will respond the Samurai, it’s obvious. Before replacing it […]

Clay and Friends, Irene Dresel, Ultramodern… the playlist of the music notebook

Each weekend, Tsugi’s webradio accompanies the music book “Liberation” in one discovery and five new releases. Discovery Clay And Friends, popen ortes There are five of them, animated by a fraternal philosophy, an extreme relaxation and an absolute sense of coolness. All volunteers to play leapfrog over chapels and genres. Exciting and excited group, Clay […]

Degree, Ricky Hollywood, Blutch … the playlist of Libé’s music book

Each weekend, Tsugi’s webradio accompanies the music book “Liberation” in one discovery and five new releases. Discovery Degree, it’s hot First in class, it’s always very annoying. Because obviously it comes back to its own shortcomings. So we immediately pout when we learn that this young Nantesman, only 15 years old, was discovered in 2015 […]

With “Workaround”, Beatrice Dillon turns around the bush

Since the release of workaround two weeks ago, the dithyrambs never stopped raining on Beatrice Dillon: a case “Rarity” of “never heard” for Pitchfork ; the “Most exciting new voice in British electronic music” for the Guardian ; an album of a “Breathtaking clarity” for Resident Advisor. Proof that an artist blessed with a minimum […]

The sound of the day # 427: electrifying like Volage

One could almost describe Volage as a pillar of the Parisian rock scene, as the group of the Howlin Banana stable seems to cross the years while around it the other formations change their names, vanish, reform, from vague garage in shoegaze surf. But that would not be entirely true: if Volage returns to us […]