United States: in New York, workers remain in the carafe

Max Katzenberg had to lay off his 60 employees within hours. “It’s a disaster”, blurted out this owner of two trendy Brooklyn restaurants, Olmsted and Maison Yaki, at tables usually reserved several weeks in advance. But he had no other choice, the closures being imposed by the measures of “social distancing” in an attempt to […]

will a vaccine be ready in November in the United States, as Trump claims?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This is what the American president promised, which would coincide with the presidential election. Is it scientifically credible? Donald Trump at the Republican Convention. via REUTERS / Republican National Convention THE QUESTION. A vaccine against the coronavirus before the end of the year: this is the promise made to the Americans […]

why is New York so badly affected?

New York State has 160,000 recorded cases, including 93,000 in New York, a heavy toll that can be explained by several reasons. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said it many times: New York, which officially has 8.6 million inhabitants, is a particularly dense megalopolis: more than 10,000 inhabitants per km2. A breeding ground for […]

Czechs cannot go to 20 countries, Austria wants to limit Prague. GREAT OVERVIEW

Record increases in those infected in the Czech Republic complicate traveling abroad. There are over 26,000 active cases in the Czech Republic, and laboratories report over 1,000 to 2,000 cases per day. European countries monitor the development of the epidemiological situation in our country and take preventive measures. Which states have already made the entry […]

a rare hyperinflammatory syndrome detected in infected children

The children were relatively spared by the Covid-19 pandemic, most of their symptoms being mild, in the event of contamination. However, pediatricians have found a new hyperinflammatory syndrome “potentially fatal”, called “MIS-C”. This syndrome resembles Kawasaki disease, a condition that can appear in infants and children aged 1 to 8 years. It is characterized in […]

New York State Relaxes Corona Measures – Coronavirus –

11.05.2020 21:31 (Akt. 11.05.2020 21:56) The relaxation does not apply to New York City © APA (AFP / Getty) In the US state of New York, the strict corona restrictions will be relaxed for the first time this week. The exception, however, is the metropolis of New York City, which will remain in a state […]

Australia has entered recession – Last Hour

(ANSA) – SYDNEY, 2 SEPTEMBER – Australia entered its first recession since 1991, with a 7% reduction in its economy in the second quarter due to the coronavirus epidemic. The official data released today show this. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is the fastest quarterly contraction ever recorded in the country, after […]

Highlights of COVID-19

The remarkable thing about the pandemic has shown the advancement of science, at a clinical and molecular level. With the new knowledge, the urgent obligation to intervene in the behavior of people, their mobility and the reduction of contacts, the increase of care for people with greater risk with the increase of family and community […]

why are men hit the hardest?

It seems that we are not all equal in the face of the coronavirus. According to several studies, men and women are also often infected, but men are more likely to develop severe forms of the disease. Several explanations have been mentioned by scientists. Men would for example more likely to be in risk categories […]