Results 18.10: Expectation of hunger and five questions

UN Secretary General in Portugal The UN head believes that the world community has not passed the test of the pandemic; Ukrainians will be offered to answer five questions of the president. highlights the main events of yesterday. Poverty and hunger await the world – UN Secretary General The world has not been able … Read more

▷ Xbox Series X and S will allow us to uninstall parts of a video game that we are not interested in to save space

It will be an optional feature that developers may or may not implement. The start of the new generation is right around the corner and the new hardware that Sony Y Microsoft They are going to offer us promises to mark a before and after in the world of video games. We practically know new … Read more

Accident of the giant ferry Estonia after 26 years. A hole in the fuselage can provide new evidence

Estonia, Sweden and Finland will evaluate new evidence for the sinking of the Estonia ferry. The disaster happened exactly 26 years ago and 852 people died in it. It was the biggest post-war shipwreck in Europe. The ferry with 803 passengers and 186 crew members sank on the stormy Baltic Sea on the night of … Read more

Cichanous wants a UN observation mission. The Belarusian minister criticized the “destructive forces”, including the Czech Republic – ČT24 – Czech Television

Cichanouska’s speech to the UN Security Council took place at the request of her non-permanent member Estonia. According to the website, the politician stated: “There is unrest in my country, Belarus. Mild protesters are detaining, beating and imprisoning. The protests themselves began after a cynical and outrageous attempt by Mr Lukashenko to steal people’s … Read more

Medical history: Columbus did not introduce syphilis

Syphilis and its sister diseases may have been widespread in Europe earlier than previously thought. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Zurich. The thesis that Christopher Columbus and his passengers brought syphilis from America to Europe in 1493 is no longer sufficient, according to a study by researchers led by … Read more

Two countries have removed the Czechia from the list of safe countries, requiring a 14-day quarantine

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Czech Republic will be transferred from the list of safe countries in Latvia and Estonia. “Due to the increasing number of infected people in the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries have returned us to the list of those states whose citizens must undergo a 14-day quarantine when … Read more

Russian Ambassador summoned to Estonian Foreign Ministry

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu protested against Russian statements about the voluntary accession of the Baltic states to the Soviet Union. He ordered to summon the Russian Ambassador Alexander Petrov. The meeting will take place on Thursday afternoon, 23 July. “The Russian Embassy in Tallinn has repeatedly noted in its public statements that Estonia voluntarily … Read more

APU withdraw from the front line foreign mercenaries from the Donbass APU withdraw from the front line foreign mercenaries from the Donbass The Ukrainian command began to withdraw foreign mercenaries from positions near the line of contact in Donbass. This was stated by the official representative of the People’s … RIA Novosti, 07/19/2020 2020-07-19T17:31 2020-07-19T18:36 Jacob sedimentary the situation in the DPR and LPR Luhansk … Read more