WhatsApp Beta UWP Gets Two Useful New Features On Windows 11 Skills Point |

WhatsApp Beta UWP gets two useful new features on Windows 11 Last year, Facebook introduced the Desktop application WhatsApp beta UWP on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Along with a new look, WhatsApp beta UWP comes with a range of exciting new features. A new update for the beta is now available in the Microsoft […]

Learn about the concepts behind stablecoins and how they work

Tam Shams – Wednesday, May 25, 2022 08:41 PM – Cointelegraph Video Production Director Jackson Dumont provides a detailed explanation of stablecoins in the final episode of Cryptopedia. Dumont also explored and explained algorithmic stablecoins while explaining the recent incident involving the Terra Usd (UST) and why it has not been able to maintain its […]

The largest cryptocurrency theft in history took place

04 April 2022 10:3004 Apr 2022 10:30 | Share The attack on Ronin Networks looks like the most successful heist of the decentralized financial system so far. The attackers took advantage of several weaknesses in the system architecture. Heist of the century About $620 million was stolen from the Ronin Networks blockchain system, the operating […]

New era! Here are the signs that Crypto is starting to be accepted by the world

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some developed countries are starting to soften to acknowledge the existence of the crypto industry in their country. Recently, the UK has begun to recognize the existence of these digital assets. Even so, cryptocurrencies that are more recognized still tend to be of the same type of crypto stablecoindue to its […]

Bitcoin has risen above $ 47,000, the highest since early January

Since this year’s low on January 24, bitcoin has gained over 40 percent and is skyrocketing. At around 11:00 CEST, bitcoin, according to the specialized server CoinDesk, gained 5.4 percent to $ 47,057. He rose above $ 47,500 during the session. The second largest cryptocurrency, ethereum, rose 5.7 percent to $ 3,324 at the same […]

The threat to bitcoin has been averted. MEPs rejected criticized regulation

Cryptocurrencies – a phenomenon that has been moving the world for over ten years. And legislators are becoming more and more interested. On Monday, the European Parliament’s Economic Committee voted on a new regulation of the virtual currency market, which the parliament has been preparing since 2019. “In the European Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee, we […]

Bitcoin strengthened sharply, the Russians flock to the ruble for cryptocurrencies

The growth of bitcoin et al. follows Western sanctions affecting the functioning of the Russian financial system. Citizens of the Russian Federation, for example, have problems withdrawing cash from ATMs, the ruble has weakened sharply. Data from virtual currency provider Kaiko suggests that many Russians have decided to trade their funds for cryptocurrencies. The volume […]