The EU wants to limit visa fees for this African country The EU wants to limit visa fees for this African country The EU wants to limit visa fees for this African country The European Union is considering revoking the increase in visa fees for Gambians. Brussels had caused prices to jump by 50% in 2021. Measures… 01.10.2023, Sputnik Africa 2023-10-01T17:45+0200 2023-10-01T17:45+0200 2023-10-01T17:45+0200 international visas […]

Internet was cut off in Amhara, where conflicts intensified in Ethiopia

Abigail Tadesse, an Amhara university student in Ethiopia, said that civilians were caught in the midst of the fighting. “We got caught in the crossfire while the army was fighting the militia. The situation is tense and we cannot reach our loved ones due to internet outage,” Tadesse said. she said. Tadesse stated that many […]

Ethiopia: USAID and WFP Suspend Food Aid Due to Systemic Diversion

About 20 million people, or 16% of the 120 million Ethiopians | Photo: AP The decisions of the United States and then of the World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations to suspend their food aid to Ethiopia because of embezzlement “punishes millions of people”, criticized the spokesman for the Ethiopian government on Saturday. […]

Canadian delegation discusses agricultural development with Ethiopia

The delegation headed by Sajjan received updated information from Amente on the agricultural development work implemented in the African country and the main results, revealed the local State portfolio. Other issues discussed during the meeting were soil health and safety, market links, as well as the actions to be carried out in the sector’s modernization […]

Ethiopia to Promote Investment, Economic and Trade Cooperation with China at Upcoming Fair

Addis Ababa, May 20 (Xinhua) . Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) Deputy Commissioner Daniel Teressa said Ethiopia intends to use the fair as an opportunity to promote investment, economic and trade cooperation with China. He said Ethiopian government officials and business leaders would seize the opportunity to attract more Chinese investment. The third event of the […]

end of prosecution against Tigrayan leaders

With our regional correspondent, Florence Morice The Ministry of Justice does not give details on the personalities concerned, nor on the nature of the charges which have just been lifted. In November 2020, however, at the start of the conflict, official Ethiopian media announced the broadcast closely “ a hundred arrest warrants against TPLF leaders […]