where will the savings hurt the most?

Flickr/rhodesj (CC BY 2.0) NOS News•Tuesday, 17:59 With an emergency plan that was negotiated in a characteristically Brussels way, the EU wants to prevent that we do not have enough gas to get through the winter, even if Russia turns off the gas tap further. The member states have agreed to voluntarily reduce their gas […]

Ukraine War: These sanctions have been decided

Die EU has, together with its international partners, decided on massive sanctions in the areas of finance, energy, transport, restrictions on people and facilities, and visa restrictions: financial sector: Russian banks will be excluded from the SWIFT system. In concrete terms, this means that these institutes will be cut off from international financial flows; in […]

Orban sees the West as having failed with its Russia strategy

Baile Tusnad (dpa) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban sees the West’s strategy against Russia as having failed. “We are sitting in a car with four broken tires,” said the right-wing politician on Saturday in front of thousands of supporters in the Romanian resort of Baile Tusnad. “The sanctions do not shake Russia,” he said. […]

Southern member states oppose EU gas emergency plan

EPA NOS News•Thursday, 20:22 Greece, Portugal and Spain oppose the European Commission’s gas supply emergency plan. The Commission wants all EU countries to reduce their gas consumption by 15 percent between August and March. According to the EU, this is necessary to get through the winter if Russia turns off the gas tap further or […]

La Jornada – Crédito Real requests to benefit from the US bankruptcy law

Mexico City. Crédito Real announced that it applied to file for chapter 15 of the United States bankruptcy law, as part of its restructuring process and after being placed in liquidation on Thursday of last week in Mexico. The financial institution sent this Tuesday afternoon a statement to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) in which […]

Novavax vaccine identified as having potential side effects EU: Severe allergic reactions may occur with vaccination | International | Newtalk News

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has identified severe allergic reactions as a potential side effect of the Novavax vaccine. (Schematic) Figure: Retrieved from Novavax Twitter The Wuhan pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, and countries are still conducting vaccination operations. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) today determined that severe allergic reactions are a […]