Boris Johnson’s controversial bill passed in the House of Commons

The bill of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to return, in violation of international law, on certain commitments in the Brexit Agreement, passed a first obstacle on Monday, being adopted in the House of Commons. The project was adopted despite the fact that part of the conservative camp opposed it, reports AFP. An affront […]

Gabon applies reciprocity against the EU

Air borders: Gabon applies reciprocity against the EU Like Senegal, Gabon was quick to take reprisals against the European Union, which only allowed 15 countries to enter its territory. A list from which all the countries of West Africa are excluded. “For the sake of reciprocity, I have just asked the ambassadors and consuls of […]

MEPs pressure EU to assess incidents at Almaraz nuclear power plant | Nuclear

Two events that have taken place in recent weeks in the two reactors at the Spanish Nuclear Power Plant in Almaraz, a hundred kilometers from Portugal, are raising concerns among those who, in both countries, question the extension of the life of these facilities until 2028. The Greens called for the Environment Minister’s urgent hearing […]

The European Union is getting ready to open its borders. There will be a list

The minister explained that among the 15 non-EU countries for which citizens will be opened borders, there is no United States. She noted that China could be on the list, but earlier the authorities of that country must lift restrictions on EU citizens planning a trip to the PRC. Gonzalez Laya said that the only […]

USA experiences dangerous second wave of coronavirus outbreaks COVID-19 | USA

For many states and counties in the United States, the gloomy days of the coronavirus pandemic in April played out on their televisions, not on their doorsteps. But now, some places that seemed to have avoided the worst are seeing increases in the number of confirmed cases, as fears move from big cities to rural […]

COVID vaccine: stars help EU raise funds

Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came to the aid of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Saturday to raise funds to develop a vaccine against COVID-19. International stars of music, cinema, sports or fashion have indeed joined an online concert in order to finance research for the creation […]

The EP clearly passed a resolution critical to the A | České – Czech newspaper

The EP clearly passed a resolution critical to the A | České Czech newspaper Poll: How will be on A vote of Czech meps? SeznamZprá Europarlament majority of votes approved a resolution criticizing the Babišův potential conflict of interest The european parliament clear majority passed a resolution against Babiš Babišův conflict of interest […]

Today are beginning to pay easier rules for traveling

Update: 15.06.2020 00:28 Released: 15.06.2020, 00:25 Prague – Starting to pay easier rules for traveling around Europe. The czechs today in addition to the paths from the Silesian voivodeship in Poland, Portugal and Sweden will not have to when returning to the motherland to prove a negative test for the coronavirus. Borders of the Czech […]