We know who is leading the anti-Russian lobbying in Armenia. Lavrov

A pro-Western lobby is operating in Armenia, the purpose of which is to weaken Russia’s influence, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated. “As in Armenia, as well as in other republics of the former USSR, there is a powerful lobby that acts in the form of Western foundations, non-governmental organizations and which advances the interests […]

Football: Europe needs patience and a plan

The dust raised by the European matches is beginning to settle and the first conclusions are coming to decode the work that has been done in the Greek teams, away from fan (and journalistic) hysteria. Thursday night sent important messages in all directions to a country that has learned to operate (and in football) without […]

The 5 Colombian footballers who have left their mark in Europe

As the best team in the world according to the official FIFA ranking, Colombia’s flag has become one of the most recognizable in the modern era of football. With an exorbitant overflow of talent, there is no doubt why many of its players find their way to the Elite of world football. Let’s take a […]

large-scale strike movement against a labor bill

At the call of many unions, in particular those of civil servants, Greece is experiencing a vast 24-hour strike on September 21. This includes transport, schools and hospitals. Cause of discontent: a labor bill which must be adopted today by Parliament. The measure is supposed to encourage flexibility, including the possibility of working more easily […]

New Deliveries of American Weapons to Ukraine, Excluding Long-Range ATACMS Missiles: Updates on International Support and Recent Developments

►New deliveries of American weapons, but no long-range ATACMS missiles The White House announced Thursday, September 21 that the United States would deliver“important” anti-aircraft defense means to Ukraine, but Joe Biden does not wish to provide long-range ATACMS missiles requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, visiting Washington. The American President “decided that it would not […]