AEE: pollution linked to 10% of cancer cases in Europe –

In a report on the impact of pollution on human health, the European Environment Agency (EEA) warned that 10% of cancer cases are linked to pollution. Pollution in various forms Tuesday, June 28, theAEE (European Environment Agency) explained the impact of the pollution on human health, reports Point.In a report, she warned that almost 10% […]

The free agent market is open! – live event tracking

Author: László Agárdi July 1, 2022 01:20:00 Updated (01:20): Dear Readers! The live event tracking has ended, we will report on the further events of the night in the morning. Updated (01:18): According to Adrian Wojnarowski’s information James Harden and the 76ers will meet over the weekend to discuss the quarterback’s new contract. Updated […]

Russia warns of retaliation “Unable to carry supplies to Arctic settlements” | Reuters

Russia said on June 29 that Norwegian regulations were blocking the transportation of goods to Russian settlements in the Arctic Subarubar Islands, and that the Norwegian government would take “retaliatory measures” if the problem was not resolved. I warned. The photo shows a dog sled going through the archipelago, taken in August 2019 (2022 Reuters […]

The missing German boy was found after eight days in the canal

Eight-year-old Joe went missing from his family’s garden in the German town of Oldenburg on June 17, sparking a massive police search. It was reported by the British BBC website. Based on findings so far, it appears that he was playing on the property in front of his house and, according to the police, “most […]

Angle: Default Russian Government Bonds, Creditors In Legal “Maze” | Reuters

[London / New York, 27th Reuters]-Russia’s foreign currency-denominated government bonds have been identified as default, and bondholders are facing an unusual situation. The Russian government has funds and has indicated its intention to repay it, but the situation is that it cannot be implemented due to sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. Bondholders are facing […]