How will ‘crisis manager’ keep Merkel Europe together?

Angela Merkel confidently begins a historically difficult task in the final phase of her chancellorship. How can the European Union, deeply affected and weakened by the corona crisis, be helped to recover? Germany will hold the rotating EU Presidency in the next six months. That places the Chancellor, even more than usual, at the center […]

Behind the scenes of Brussels – Containment: the debate prohibited

It only took a few moments, on March 16, for the Head of State and his government, in the name of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, to place the French under house arrest and deprive them of most of their freedoms civil, political and social that we thought inalienable: freedom to come and go, […]

European Council defines measures for economic recovery

The “27” politicians will seek a consensus on ways to finance the economies of countries affected by the new coronavirus pandemic. It is expected that the meeting will give the green light to the emergency measures package, negotiated in the Eurogroup, which amounts to 500 billion euros. This plan consists of a credit line from […]

The EU deepens its crisis with budget failure

Sunday, 2. 3 February 2020 – 02:15 Brussels proposes cuts in two areas: cohesion funds and the CAP, aid to an agricultural sector that is more than suffocated. EFE The serious economic crisis that zarande makes a decade to much of Europe, whose blows are still felt, convinced the community leaders of the urgent need […]

the summit of political blockages

Designed to make everyone agree, the proposal only fueled dissatisfaction before an ultra-sensitive summit on the future financial framework 2021-2027, Thursday, February 20. Friday 14 February, Charles Michel, new President of the European Council, emerged from ten days of consultation with EU heads of state with a figure: 1,094 billion euros over seven years, or […]

Snchez’s pending task

Updated Thursday, twenty February 2020 –02:00 Tractors, this Wednesday, in the center of Pamplona.EFE In the conclusions of the European Council of 16 December, attended by Pedro Snchez as acting president, special emphasis was placed on reminding member countries of the importance that the EU attaches to food security and the fight against fraud in […]

EU budget: the plan that will cost Germany 84 billion euros

DNegotiations, which have repeatedly been described as the most difficult budget talks in EU history, have been stuck for months. Many governments and officials in Brussels therefore chose Charles Michel, the ambitious President of the European Council, who coordinates the negotiations between the national governments. He and his colleagues have had many talks with national […]

Pedro Snchez treats Juan Guaid as “leader of the opposition” of Venezuela and the PP accuses him of “assuming the language of Chavismo”

The change of position ofSpainin his policy towardsVenezuelait has been evident in the first control session atgovernmentof the legislature when the president, Pedro Snchez, has referred to the president in charge recognized by Spain, Juan Guaid, as “leader of the opposition”, following in the wake of the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias. From the ranks […]