The best European NBA players to vote

The NBA 75 Euro Vote has decided to create a vote to honor European players who have delighted multiple generations of NBA fans throughout its history. Undoubtedly all basketball fans have their interests in the NBA 75 Euro Vote where the NBA betting by the best European players in history have begun. After voting […]

War in Ukraine: Europeans announce new sanctions against Russia

Thursday evening, European leaders met at the summit in Versailles. The goal? Assume more security responsibilities, reduce their dependence on Russia and assess Ukraine’s membership of the European Union. AFP. Par AFP Published on 03/11/2022 at 16:13Reading time: 2 mins EEmmanuel Macron warned on Friday, after the European Union summit in Versailles, that the Europeans […]

Bilbao, the most innovative and sustainable bridge to European markets

In Port of Bilbao they have been very concerned for several years about the sustainability of the planet and during 2021 they have followed this strategy of commitment to renewable energies and decarbonisation. The third port in rail operations in Spain it has opted for the care of the planet, seeking to be a ‘Green […]

European leaders and Biden to review nuclear deal with Iran | The World | DW

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, will hold a meeting in Rome with European leaders on Saturday (10.30.2021) on the future of the nuclear agreement with Iran, at a time when a seventh round of negotiations is about to take place in Vienna. The meeting, to be held within the framework of the […]