This is what it means for savers and investors

For years, this key interest rate remained at zero percent in the euro area, and it was only this year that the interest rate turnaround came. The main refinancing interest rate last rose to 1.25 percent in mid-September, and in future it will be 0.75 percentage points higher at 2 percent. Christine Lagarde: The ECB […]

Atanas Pekanov skeptical of Steve Hanke’s analysis of the euro

Any analysis on the adoption of the euro in Bulgaria can be usefulthe official told Deputy Prime Minister for European Funds Atanas Pekanov. He remains slightly skeptical, however, about the comments of economist Steve Hanke, whose name was taken forward by PP “Vazrazhdane” last week with an offer of expert assistance in the discussion […]

ECB chief Lagarde: America’s inflation is different

Is high inflation a global phenomenon, as America’s Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently said? That would possibly relieve the individual countries and central banks a little, at least mentally. A joint event organized by the Atlantic Bridge and Atlantic Council organizations on Wednesday in Frankfurt therefore took a closer look at inflation on both […]

Savings of the Portuguese are among the most vulnerable to inflation – Economy

Although inflation in Portugal has not (yet) reached double digits as is already the case in other Eurozone countries, Portuguese families are among the most at risk of seeing savings shrink with the general rise in prices. The conclusion is from a study by Corum and BA&N that points to “conservatism” in the application of […]

Enviable Switzerland? Prices rise only moderately – dpa

Whe groans in Germany under the rising prices for energy and food, rubs his eyes when looking at Switzerland: electricity, bread, vegetables – everything almost as usual. Consumer prices rose just 3.4 percent year-on-year in June. For Switzerland, this is the highest rate since 1993. According to initial estimates, however, it was a whopping 7.6 […]

Euribor rise again makes appetizing savings certificates – Markets

The rise in the three-month Euribor due to the increase in interest rates in the Eurozone has the potential to increase the appetite for savings products, which had been dormant until then, due to the lack of appeal caused by interest rates remaining at historic lows. “Theoretically, the rise in interest rates helps to remunerate […]

Salvation of financial managers. The CNB’s wild policy is tempting to make debts in euros

“From the client’s point of view, clients are interested in this primarily because of interest cost savings. In these cases, however, it is important to assess the client’s foreign currency position so that he does not expose himself to exchange rate risk when saving interest, ”says Pavel Nejman, head of Česká spořitelna’s corporate centers. The […]