Real estate: even confined, Belgians still buy in Spain

Spanish notaries registered no less than 961 Belgian acquisitions in July, August and September. LBelgians bought more second homes in Spain in the first three quarters of 2020 than in the whole of 2019, according to the latest Spanish statistics reported on Saturday by L’Echo. If, during the second quarter, when the borders were closed […]

in the event of a stroke, act quickly even in times of health crisis

Olivier Dereeper, neurologist and Christine Delobel, stroke coordinator, held a press point to remind people how important it is to recognize the signs early in order to limit the severity of the lesions or even the risk of death. « Symptoms are: a deformity of the mouth, sudden numbness on one side of the face, […]

AB Inbev wants to collect rents from bars and restaurants, even during lockdown

Posted on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 19:29 Through Belgian During the second wave of coronavirus and the closure of bars and restaurants, the brewer AB InBev will no longer waive rents for premises for commercial use to its operators. In April they did, and in May they accepted a moratorium on payments. “However, we […]

Even a car can’t crush it: secrets of the indestructible beetle unveiled

He is not handsome, he is not fat, but he is indestructible. Scientists have unveiled this Wednesday, October 21 the secrets of the diabolical armored scarab – this is the translation of its Latin name -, impossible to crush even with a car. A discovery that could inspire engineering and robotics. With its rough black […]

13 suspicious deaths following a vaccine

(Agence Ecofin) – A seasonal flu vaccine is causing growing concern among South Korea’s population, following the recent deaths of at least 13 people vaccinated. These tragic outcomes occur even as the Asian country has boosted its stocks, to avoid a “twindemic”, a double epidemic of Covid-19 + Flu, which would clog its hospitals. However, […]

Already Passing Ronaldo’s Goals Record, Should Neymar Be Called a Brazilian Legend?

Brazilian striker Neymar celebrates his goal against Peru in the 2022 World Cup qualifier on Wednesday (14/10/2020). © AP Photo – Officially, Neymar has overtaken Ronaldo Nazario for the second position of the all-time top scorer of the Brazilian national team. So, does Neymar deserve to be called a Brazilian legend, even more than […]

Private clinics already treat patients with coronavirus, even in intensive care

This reality has led the government to request help from clinics and sanatoriums. The private sector made itself available from the beginning but required urgent meetings with the government since they were in the position of trying to readjust, taking into account that they are currently treating other pathologies, a matter not at all minor […]