“Most windmill blades are burned” – Southwest

Many wind turbines are currently being replaced. Andreas Markowsky from the green electricity group Freiburg, which currently operates 30 systems, explains what happens to the old wind turbines from the region. BZ: Have you already dismantled old systems? Markowsky: A whole series, ten pieces in all. Recently in Kippenheim we were even able to sell […]

The Promise of Kasad Dudung, Makes TNI’s Brother Die in Papua cadets of Akmil

Kasad Dudung’s promise to the TNI’s younger brother died in Papua. MerdekaDotCom YouTube Channel ©2022 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – A non-commissioned officer for the village builder (Babinsa) of the Indonesian Army, Sertu Eka Andrianto Hasugian (28) and his wife, Sri Lestari Indah Putri (33) became victims of murder by an Unknown Person (OTK) in Elelim, Papua. […]

After fuel, beer is now also becoming more expensive – Upper Austria

A veritable wave of inflation is coming our way! In addition to fuel, many everyday products will soon become more expensive. Also beer. We are currently noticing the rise most strongly in fuel prices and energy costs. But according to experts, this is just the beginning. Because the war in Ukraine could push up prices, […]

The March box 2022 – today’s classic

“The March Box 2022 – Today’s Classic” This time in our March box you will find a selection of 6 wines that all have something in common: they are classics that need to be rediscovered! The focus is on two extraordinary rosé wines side by side with the new vintage of our classic red wine, […]