Maelo Ruiz Caupolicán Theater Tickets

The king of romantic sauce is back in Chile! Maelo Ruiz, one of the greatest exponents of salsa at an international level, returns to our country to perform at the Caupolica Theater this coming Wednesday, April 5, starting at 9:00 p.m. The most beloved salsa singer in Chile, who last year celebrated his 30 years […]

“Gospel goes Classic” is back

January 31, 2023 at 5:00 p.m Theaters in Krefeld and Moenchengladbach : “Gospel goes Classic” is back The event last took place in 2020 with the Lower Rhine Symphony Orchestra and several gospel choirs. This year soloist Gabriel Vealle is also back. Photo: Hans Fahr Krefeld “Gospel goes Classic” is the motto in Krefeld: After […]

Tickets You won’t like it – Guest band: Jokers Teatro Caupolicán

Notevagustar returns to Chile with the show that its fans have been waiting for years. The freehand growth of the most beloved Uruguayan band in our country will materialize next July with the expected landing at the Teatro Caupolicán. It will be the first time that this, one of the most important rock bands in […]

a historical perspective – Calendar of the University of Montreal

For increasingly secularized societies, the place of religion in American politics may seem like a historical anomaly. However, it is part of both a return to religion that goes beyond the borders of the United States and a very particular national history, which this cycle of conferences proposes to explore. To understand the current weight […]

Show Case Princess Lover – Le Chorus Toulouse – Le Chorus – France

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2023 THE CHORUS – TOULOUSE THE NIGHT 100 SHADES OF ZOUK – IN SHOW CASE: PRINCESS LOVER The unmissable event to spend an evening with the Queen of zouk love… WITH HIS BEST HITS You are my sun: Love of my life : Come back: PHOTO SHOOTING WITH ARTIST […]

Munich State Coin Collection Munich tickets

Museum of Monetary History Located in the heart of the Munich Residence, the State Coin Collection is a unique thesaurus of Bavarian and international history. Money has been determining people’s economic lives for around 2,500 years. With their images, coins are also carriers of political, social or societal messages and are often small works of […]