Vecchio assures that the fall in oil shows the destruction of PDVSA

April 21, 2020 – 12:04 Ambassador Carlos Vecchio explained that Venezuela never had the capacity to save under the regime, nor when it had the best price per barrel. The Ambassador in United States Carlos Vecchio assured that the historical drop in the price of oil worldwide, shows once again, as the regime of Nicolas […]

An-26 crash: the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed the movement pattern

Accident of An-26 near Chuguev It is not an evidence base, but it will be useful for noisy “experts”, said the Air Force command. The command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published the air traffic scheme at the military airfield a few minutes before the crash of the An-26 military […]

TESTIMONY. “It was obvious”: after confinement, they decided to

The great urban exodus will not have taken place, but some will have taken the plunge and decided to change their life. Joana and Alexis, in their twenties, have decided to leave Lyon for the Sarthe countryside. The Coupez family returned from New York in disaster in April, and settled in the Perche. The confinement […]