USCIS expands flexibility in petitions and prioritizes citizenship

USCIS expanded flexibilities to respond to agency requests. It was possible Getty Images/iStockphoto The coronavirus crisis and budget problems of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) have turned in favor of immigrants with open processes, which need to support their applications for visas, permanent residence cards or green cards or the US citizenship […]

Pentagon chief Esper reports no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Taliban

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said the Pentagon has no information about Russia’s conspiracy with the Taliban to kill the military. Nevertheless, he assured employees that the agency is even considering potential threats. Earlier, the American media, citing sources, reported on the financing of the Taliban by Russia (banned in Russia). “Although the Pentagon […]

Lobbyist Rittig’s accusations apply. The High Court overturned the acquittal

Luxury cars, private planes, expensive holidays, or acquaintances with Czech and world celebrities. This is the life of one of the most famous lobbyists – Ivo Rittig. Rittig is associated with the ticket case. In that indictment, the blame blames the group for preparing more than 450 million transport companies by printing overpriced tickets. The […]

US decided to economically punish China for coronavirus :: Politics :: RBC

Trump himself told reporters on Thursday that the deterioration in relations between the two countries was due, inter alia, to the desire of the Chinese authorities to achieve his loss in the upcoming elections due to a trade deal that brought the United States “billions of dollars”. “It’s more profitable for them to see the […]

WHO recalls that “there is no evidence” that those recovered cannot be reinfected

TheWorld Health Organization(WHO) has called for calm to international governments that are considering introducing the call“immune passport”– that is, an identification that their owners carry antibodies to the coronavirus – because there is still no conclusive evidence on the protection they offer against possible reinfection. WHO recalls thatdevelopment of immunitya pathogen is a complex and […]