Cozy cardio: TikTok trend to start exercising – Health

‘Cozy cardio’ is the new TikTok trend to start exercising gradually, you can start it from home and without even breaking a drop of sweat. It was coined this way by a content creator on the video platform. For many people who are just starting to exercise, being able to stay consistent and consistently go […]

Is it good to exercise without eating well? This is what the experts say

People’s health should always be the priority, and achieving a good quality of life should always be based on a healthy diet and a physical activity routine, as well as optimal rest; That is why many people wonder if it is good exercise without eating well, y this it is what they say los experts. […]

Training exercise for the protection of Lake Pamvotida

Newsroom Daily A series of integration actions for recognized refugees is implemented by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0” with funding from the European Union – Next Generation EU. At the present time, a series […]

International MED EU MODEX 2023 Çanakkale Exercise has been completed

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca stated that the international MED EU MODEX 2023 Çanakkale Medical Field Application Exercise was designed on the assumption of a 7.4 magnitude earthquake and that search and rescue, medical rescue, health services and humanitarian aid activities were rehearsed in this context. In his post on his social media account, Minister […]

A degrading exercise

Today what seems to matter and have value, and what absolutely everyone in a campaign dedicates all their senses to, is seeing how harm is done to the most favored competitor. What has made a career in politics, not only local and regional, but also national, has no explanation, no name, much less justification. It […]

What is the most effective exercise to improve kidney health? – Health

There is more and more talk about the importance of doing physical exercise, not only to have a better appearance, but also to improve health and prevent diseases that you can develop throughout your life, even in your youth. One of the most complicated conditions is kidney failure, since if it becomes chronic you may […]

Elin thought she was going to die at the crossfit session

Elin Andersson was so looking forward to the crossfit session that Saturday in January this year. He, however, barely started driving before something felt wrong. She was clear in the head, but it felt like her whole body was giving up. It turned out that Elin had suffered a stroke. Photo: Private Published: 04 Sep […]

Sport and cancer | Can exercising help reduce the chances of cancer?

yes, practice sport can help decrease the chances of cancerand there are numerous studies that have shown that regular physical activity can have positive effects on the Cancer prevention. The foods we eat daily and that trigger the risk of cancer First, exercising regularly helps maintain weight control, so I know that it reduces the […]

The United States, Canada, Japan and other six countries will jointly cross the Taiwan Strait in September for the warship exercise

“Nikkei Asia” reported that on August 28, three ships of the Canadian Navy arrived at the Yokosuka Base (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture) of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the US Navy in Japan. , Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and other regional partners; when the Chinese People’s Liberation Army recently dispatched fighter jets […]