The mortgage firm soared 57.7% in September | Economy

The number of mortgages constituted on homes soared 57.7% in September compared to the same month of 2020, to add 42,547 loans, its highest figure since March 2011, when almost 43,000 mortgages were signed, according to data released this Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). With the advance of September, more than nine […]

Exercise: day or night?

It is clear that exercising is essential for physical and mental health, however, when starting a routine, many wonder what is the best time to do it and what are the benefits of exercising day or night. Therefore, Julián Danilo Parra Romero, Professor of the Sports Training program of the Andean Area University Foundation, master […]

IV International Exhibition of Art and Digital Design

The exhibition brings together a selection of projects created in four hundred Chinese universities that teach Design degrees – among which Donghua stands out – and a selection of projects developed in the UB Design degree. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration agreement between the University of Barcelona, ​​the Shanghai Academy of Art […]

Castellón will improve the health of cancer patients with physical activity

The rector, Eva Alcón, and Sonia Soriano, from the José Soriano Foundation, sign the collaboration agreement to create the chair of Physical Activity and Oncology at the UJI Raul navarro Improve the quality of life of cancer patients through physical exercise. It is the goal of the Chair of Physical Activity and Oncology of the […]

Importance of hydration during exercise – Health

Being adequately hydrated contributes to optimal health and proper performance during exercise. exercise. In addition to the usual daily water losses from respiratory, gastric, renal and sweat sources, athletes need to replace sweat losses. Sweating helps dissipate heat, generated as a by-product of muscle work, but is often aggravated by environmental conditions. Therefore, it helps […]

Torrelavega is the eighth city with the lowest activity rate in the country

Torrelavega and Santander are among the cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants in Spain with the lowest activity rate, as published this Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The statistics of urban indicators of the INE places Torrelavega as the eighth city with the lowest activity rate in the country, 51.2 percent, and […]

Racing’s debt with Pitma grew by almost three million in the 2020-21 financial year

Alfredo Pérez speaks with the club’s secretary, David González Pescador, at the previous Shareholders’ Meeting, with Pedro Ortiz in the background. / roberto ruiz Football | Racing According to the annual accounts that will be presented at the Meeting on the 27th, the owners’ loan to the club amounts to more than 19 million euros […]