It’s not enough to maintain a healthy diet if you don’t exercise, study warns

Scientists have discovered that just eating well or just doing physical activity is not enough to prevent disease (Photo: Freepik) Eating only healthy foods or exercising alone is not enough to prevent chronic diseases, shows a study published on July 10 in the scientific journal British Journal of Sports Medicine. Contrary to popular belief, just […]

Because the rowing machine is the fitness tool for arms, legs and abdomen

The rowing machine is the complete fitness machine to try Experts say it: the rowing machine (otherwise called “rowing machine”) is one of the most effective and complete gym equipment, as, by reproducing the movements that the rower performs on the canoe or boat, it allows you to train the whole body, stimulating up to […]

What to do in the office so as not to be too still

Our body is meant to move. When we stand still the muscles hamstrings, those of the lower back and hip flexors they can stiffena condition that can negatively affect running performance and lead to injuries. While sitting our buttocks rest all day, too. When these important muscle groups are weak or underused, their thrust and […]

How to lose weight: healthy diets and tips to avoid the rebound effect

Around the world, there are always people looking to lose weight, but instead of adopting an approach to long term To achieve this goal, many opt for any magical method that allows them to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, fad diets that promise drastic weight loss in a short time they are not healthy And they […]

Heart attack: What symptoms should you not let go while exercising? – Health

Physical activity is recommended to prevent a large number of diseases. However, you should be aware of signals from your body to indicate that something is wrong. According to a study conducted in Australia, which evaluated the knowledge and confidence to recognize cardiac symptoms, almost 50% of those over the age of 35 did not […]

What are aerobic exercises and what are their main health benefits?

Exercising regularly helps us stay fit and increases our quality of life. A great exercise routine option is aerobic exercises, since they can be done at all ages and there is an option for each person’s preferences. This type of exercise has special benefits such as improving the health of your heart and lungs. Therefore, […]

Faso e-Education – Third

On this page, you have the third year video courses produced by the Ministry of National Education, Literacy and the Promotion of National Languages. Their sale is strictly prohibited. Good use to all! Mathematics Video Lessons Third Mathematics 3rd: Solids Mathematics 3rd: Linear applications .

Wrestling like Aline Focken inspires daycare children

October 8, 2021 at 5:15 am Sports funding in Krefeld : Wrestle like an Olympic champion In the first lesson, the children do gymnastics on rings, among other things. Educator Franziska Papen provides assistance, while trainer Hans-Georg Focken observes the exercises carefully in the background. Photo: Sven Schalljo Krefeld Successful trainer Hans-Georg Focken, father of […]