Predicted Gold Prices Translucent Rp. 4.5 Million / gram, Blessing or Musib

Ilustrasi: tomorrow makers – The corona virus pandemic, which nearly infected 10 million people in the world, made the price of gold go up uncontrollably. The latest forecast, the price can reach USD 10,000 / oz or around Rp 4.5 million / gram. Blessing or disaster? Based on data released by Reuters, until Saturday […]

Car thefts, the hidden face of the Covid-19

YE. Madrid Updated:05/01/2020 01: 09h save Related news Although crime has decreased during confinement in a general way, the same has not happened with robberies in pharmacies, robberies in second homes and even thefts from stationary vehicles, according to data from Specifically, the comparator has focused on the latter and how to avoid them. […]