Plans, galleys, moped breakdowns… When Frank Margerin takes a bite out of Renaud

Renaud’s favorite cartoonist returns with a new musical box set with illustrated pockets dedicated to the singer. “In my comics, there are a lot of Renaud plans, galleys, moped breakdowns.” Between the designer Frank Margerin and the bandana singer, the story is not new. But it is expanding with the release of a nine-disc box […]

Kevin Spacey charged with new sexual assaults in UK

The American star will have to answer new charges, announced the service of the prosecutor of the Crown. Including that of forcing a young man “to engage in non-consensual sexual intercourse”. American actor Kevin Spacey, already prosecuted by British justice for sexual assaults on three men, will have to answer new charges for the same […]

Kaaris, accused of domestic violence, summoned to the criminal court

The rapper from Sevran, targeted by an investigation following the accusations of his ex-girlfriend Linda P., was placed in police custody this Wednesday, November 9. Rapper Kaaris, accused of domestic violence, was summoned to the criminal court of Evry (Essonne) on November 10, 2023 for violence against a spouse with an ITT of more than […]

On the stage of Toulon, the Small country of Gaël Faye comes to life

In his first novel, the artist recounted the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda from the point of view of Gaby, a child. Already adapted to the cinema, the work is now staged by Frédéric Fisbach at the Liberté theater in Toulon. This is the story of a book which, six years after its release, […]

Día de los Muertos: the Mexican festival is exported to Paris

The day of the Dead (Day of the Dead in Spanish) is an ancestral celebration deeply rooted in Mexican culture. Rooted in ancient Mesoamerica, this memorial ritual was once observed by the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mexikas and Mayans. While terror and dread invade Western homes on the evening of October 31, the festivities of Day of […]

The detailed history of our planet told in 300 maps

Since the creation of the first National Park in Yellowstone in 1872, protected areas have multiplied around the world. However, many threats still weigh on biodiversity. The Arenas / Croque Futur / Map legends EXCLUSIVE – The geohistorian Christian Grataloup details exclusively for Le Figaro Magazine the genesis and the objective of this encyclopedic project. […]

The city center of Angers against PVC

By Claire Bommelaer Posted on 09/16/2022 at 15:05, Update on 09/16/2022 at 15:05 The medieval house of Adam, in Angers, classified as a historical monument. Leonid Andronov – The city intends to put an end to thermal sieves while fighting against a possible disfigurement of its center. We will not know how many hours […]

New Settings form EN | Hermès Corporate Foundation

*Required fields Stay informed of the newsof the Foundation, new calls for projects Stay informed of the latest newsof the Foundation, new calls for projects E-mail address I agree to receive information from the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès and that my data will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. I agree to receive information […]

an air of New York at the Vichy festival

Boyz to Men. Palmetto Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, 1982by Meryl Meisler. Meryl Meisler. Courtesy ClampArt, New York For its tenth year of existence, the Portrait(s) festival in Vichy, in the Allier, is gaining new momentum. A copious edition and beautiful discoveries for one of the beautiful photo appointments of the summer. For ten years […]

Impressive assembly of mummies in Draguignan

“No morbid voyeurism herereassures Philippe Charlier, director of research at the Musée du quai Branly, this course was intended as a clever mix of knowledge and discovery.” 62113510/Andrea Izzotti – 300 desiccated remains of men and beasts tell their long story. Revealing in passing some of their secrets. They came, they are all here. […]