Watch .. A specialist reveals a new idea for external plumbing that impressed him on a building under construction in the “Sultanate of Oman”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A contractor and content maker for the “Shafak Al-Bunyan Construction Projects Management” channel on YouTube revealed a new idea for outdoor plumbing that impressed him on a building under construction in the Sultanate of Oman. The contractor reviewed the external plumbing on a building under construction in the Sultanate of Oman, commenting: “External […]

Obesity and smoking, fatal factors for heart health | PUBLIC .MD

Obesity affects about 30% of the world’s population and poses a major risk to cardiovascular health. The combination of obesity and smoking can be fatal to the heart and increase the risk of premature death. Even so, overweight or obese people continue to smoke for fear that they will gain weight quickly after quitting. Cardiologist […]

The BNB has announced how big our foreign debt has become, you will hold your head

The country’s external debt amounted to 41.675 billion euros. This is 55.5% of Bulgaria’s gross domestic product, according to preliminary data from the Bulgarian National Bank. The amount increased by 7.2% or 2.79 billion euros compared to January 2021, when gross external debt amounted to 38.885 billion euros or 57.3% of GDP. At the end […]

GERB: The government agreed with Russia to withdraw NATO from Bulgaria

“Yesterday the government expressed the position that there is no foreign country to dictate our foreign policy. Yesterday the government made the sovereign decision to comply with the Russian government to withdraw NATO forces from Bulgaria.” This was stated by GERB MP Hristo Gadzhev, explaining that the government’s position taken yesterday is compliance with Bulgaria’s […]

STUDY: Genetic patterns could explain why some young people without comorbidities suffer from severe forms of COVID-19 | PUBLIC .MD

An international research team has identified genetic patterns that could explain why some young and healthy people develop severe and life-threatening forms of COVID-19. The authors of the research, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine and summarized on Tuesday by the EFE agency, recall that, although COVID-19 caused a huge number of deaths worldwide, […]

The risks of external dependence, a serious lesson from the Covid | Opinion

Among the great lessons that the Covid-19 pandemic will leave is a purely economic one: the fact that globalization has its indisputable advantages, but also has great disadvantages, such as strong foreign dependence. The crisis of raw materials and capital goods that has been unleashed around the world after the end of the confinements by […]