Germany faces transport collapse

Residents of Germany move around the country more actively on Sunday, many trains following domestic routes are packed with passengers – people are trying to get to their destinations before the start of a major strike of transport workers, Day.Az reports citing Western media. It is expected that on Monday, March 27, many transport workers, […]

Honoring 10 typical young Vietnamese faces in 2022

The organizers give prizes to 10 Typical young Vietnamese face 2022. (Photo: Minh Duc/VNA) On the evening of March 23, Central Group Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth solemnly held the awarding ceremony of Outstanding Young Face Award in 2022 – prize the most prestigious of the Central Union. These are the best faces selected from […]

Arauca faces school desertion, due to the lack of water and internet

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it many challenges that, after the safe return to school, caused 1.492 students in Arauca saw their attendance at classes in person limited. According to the information collected, in Arauca information was obtained from 70 educational institutions, 69% of them in rural areas, related to school attendance, mental health, COVID-19 […]

USA: Oil exploitation project in Alaska state faces legal challenges

The exploratory drilling area at the proposed Willow oil project site in the Alaskan Arctic. (Source: AP) On March 14, a number of environmental groups filed a lawsuit in the court to find ways to prevent it Willow oil drilling project in bang Alaska (USA), one day after goverment American approved this controversial project. Specifically, […]

Moscow confirmed that the West’s publications about the “Northern Stream” bombing were intended rumors… Putin: Russia faces threats and is ready to defend the truth

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is facing, today, once again direct threats to its security, but its citizens are showing examples of courage and willingness to defend the truth, while the Kremlin considered that the publications about the attack on the “Northern Stream” pipes were just rumors that were broadcast in a manner […]