There will be fines of $ 15 thousand for those who breach the restrictions

People who do not comply with the new circulation guidelines according to the termination of the DNI may fines of up to 15 thousand pesos, while businesses that fail to comply could be fined from 50,000 to 250,000 pesos. The sanctions are stipulated in the regulations that came into effect in the city from this […]

TikTok viral: professor peruvian used toys The Avengers to teach classes in video call | Video | Photos | quarantine | video | Marvel | Mexico | social networks | Social Networks

Because of the quarantine implemented by the COVID-19thousands of peruvians are in their homes as a preventive measure. Under this context, various colleges and universities decided to make their classes through video calls with the aim of further imparting knowledge to all their students. And, as expected, several of the teachers will figure out how […]

US President Crisis Management: “Trump doesn’t care about people”

Updated May 7, 2020, 11:52 a.m. The United States has grown into crises that it can overcome militarily or economically – Corona is therefore a unique opponent, says the American scientist Michael Hochgeschwender. A conversation about Donald Trump’s crisis management, the failure of the Democrats and who will be blamed for Corona in November. More […]

Gilead goes public as data about a failed trial of its coronavirus drug leaks | Companies

Gilead’s shares fell sharply on Wall Street on Thursday, after leaking data about a clinical trial in China of its antiviral remdesivir, applied to severe cases of Covid-19. The published data showed a null efficacy of this antiviral, the most promising drug in the fight against the coronavirus in already infected patients. However, the company […]

The EU fails in its attempt to agree on the first budgets after Brexit | International

Charles Michel, this Friday in Brussels. On video, statements by Sánchez. Kenzo Tribouillard (ap) | atlas As symbolic as potentially relevant. The first summit of the European Union since the departure of the United Kingdom has resulted in a tremendous clash between the richest countries in the club and those that demand the maintenance of […]

Mobilization in Congress to pass the euthanasia law this year | Society

The euthanasia law arrives next Tuesday to the plenary of the Congress of Deputies. It will be the third time in 20 months that the text will be taken into consideration and, as in the previous two, it will receive broad support from the bench. Without elections or abrupt ends of the legislature on the […]

The problems of the Democratic Party give wings to Trump | International

That Donald Trump would arrive at the State of the Union speech on Tuesday night exonerated from the impeachment, in the absence of the final vote this Wednesday, it was an incontestable fact. But he would address the plenary session of Congress and the nation during prime time, feeling full and with the best starting […]