When rugby and medicine are the same passion

When you want you can say the saying. And Dr. Juan Pablo Poletti did it to the letter. He never gave up his profession because of his other passion; the rugby. Especially at the time of a medical student in Rosario, since with sacrifice and a lot of dedication he managed to receive himself and […]

Elon Musk thinks of Baja 1000 for Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk has surprised when launching through social networks the idea of ​​an official participation of Tesla in competition. And it’s not about Formula E, as you might think, or the future ETCR. Musk has spoken directly about the Baja 1000 in Baja California, the iconic American off-road competition, to test the possibilities of his […]

“Abimagic”, time maker – Culture / Next

If one day I return to Seattle I will not fail to sit down at a table at this teriyaki restaurant located at the crossroads of Ave and 45e in the university district where Bill Gates once put his butt down. It is not for him of course, but to meet Abimagique who has taken […]

“The great inventory of flagrant untruths about chloroquine”

End of February 2020. The first Frenchman who had not recently traveled abroad died in the Oise. For doctors worried about what’s going on in China, this is the red alert. Despite posters posted by Agnès Buzyn at airports, the coronavirus has entered French territory. No one knew at the time how it would be […]

The government quarantined the entire population of the city of Ceres

As of 14:00 today, the Santa Fe city of Ceres was quarantined by the provincial government due to its proximity to the Selva town of Selva, where there is a confirmed case of contagion of coronaviruses and other suspects. The provincial administration argued that it made the decision taking into account the great interaction that […]

Conditions for the reunion | Opinion

Any assessment of the meeting between President Sánchez and President Torra at the Palau de la Generalitat is a question to ask: Has it really helped to open a new stage for “reunion”? And any positive response must be accompanied by all kinds of caution. “The last decade has been dominated by disagreements. The balance […]