They deliver more than 700 baskets of food to families in Carabayllo affected by the rains.

Within the framework of the Con Punche Solidario civic crusade, the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Julio Demartini Montes, joining efforts with the National Government, the Local Government and private companies, participated in the delivery of 700 food baskets to families victims of the Lima district of Carabayllo, affected by the intense rains. The […]

Solar kits for a million families in the coming months

In the coming months, the State will proceed with the distribution of “hazavana ho anao” solar kits for 1 million families throughout Madagascar, announced President Rajoelina during the inauguration ceremony of a Jirama Shop in Anosizato. ” If we manage to meet this challenge, we would be the number one country on the African continent […]

Al-Miqdad receives him today to discuss ways of cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees … Grandi from Jableh: a new cash assistance program to help the most needy families

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates receives the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, to discuss ways of cooperation and coordination between the UNHCR and the Syrian government, especially after the earthquake disaster. Grandi, who arrived in Syria yesterday, confirmed, during his review of the conditions of those affected by the […]

According to Katalin Novák, traditional families are in the crosshairs

He spoke at the annual meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York Katalin Novák. The President of the Republic explained that in the Western world, women already have a similar chance to assert themselves as men, “the substantive difference is whether or not we have children”. We cannot effectively […]

They ask for “nenis” from Xonacatlán a safe place to market their products

Members of the Xonacatlán Collectiveasked the local authority to stop the extortion of women who are called don’twho made deliveries in the civic square of the municipality and that in turn they asked for arbitrary quotas to do business. It may interest you: Is the end of the “nenis” approaching? Facebook restricts sales on its […]

How much will the mortgage become more expensive with the rise in the Euribor?

The rise of the interest rates which began in 2022 and is expected to continue increasing, at least until the summer of 2023. This increase is already being noticed in Spanish families who see how their mortgage becomes more expensive, on average, about 270 euros per month. Entering the data, the number of people who […]

A content maker reveals the most prestigious old neighborhoods in Riyadh .. and reviews the names of the most famous “families” that lived there 50 years ago • Al Marsad Newspaper

Rewrite this content Al-Marsad Newspaper: A content maker named Abu Abdullah documented a video showing the villas and houses inhabited by senior families in one of the most famous old neighborhoods in Riyadh, the Al-Malaz neighborhood, which was built about 50 years ago, he said. The content creator said, Al-Malaz neighborhood has now passed 50 […]