City boom and construction jams: Developments on the German housing market 2008 – 2018

Press release no.N 012 of December 4, 2019 Large cities are growing disproportionately with the influx of young people in particular Less living space per person in the metropolises Construction jam: in 2018 more than twice as many approved but unfinished apartments as ten years earlier Residential construction Motor for the construction industry, significant price […]

José Ángel García’s widow publishes photos watching the actor

“Hello Bella, I see the type of photographs so intimate and full of morbid that you are publishing, you should contemplate having respect for his children and his family, I do not know if my uncle has asked you to do this type of publication, I hope you will reflect on respect “they replied. And […]

from Bette-Caux to Majuscule, a beautiful family story told by Andrée Bette

1 An eye on “a royal square” At 86, Andree Bette always has an eye on the Majuscule bookstore, where she learned the bookstore profession in 1960 alongside her father, Étienne. The Armentiéroise has never left the family apartment, above the Grand-Place store. ” A royal place! », Facing the belfry, smiles the … .

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Child benefit 2021: payment dates and amount

Once the application has been approved, the child benefit will be transferred to the parents’ account at a specific time every month. But when exactly are the payment dates? Structure of the child benefit number Once your application for child benefit has been approved, you can count on a regular transfer that takes place every […]

Tips for heirs: when and for what a certificate of inheritance is necessary

Updated January 12, 2021, 4:26 pm The bereaved of a deceased person have to take care of various things after their death. For one or the other matter, heirs need a certificate of inheritance. You can find more topics about children and families here Accounts, apartment, contracts: after Death of a relative at some point […]

Here you can see services online on Christmas Eve

Christmas without a nativity play and church service? This is unthinkable for many families. But what if you can’t or don’t want to go to church due to the pandemic? We give tips on alternatives. The churches are traditionally full at Christmas. This year it will be different. The places in the church services are […]

Fixed rate mortgages, is it time?

Buying a home is probably one of the most important investments in the lives of most citizens. It is a process that can be extended in time and that forces you to make important decisions, such as choosing the area of ​​residence and the ideal home. As for financing, choosing between a fixed rate or […]