University clinic employees strike again for more wages

November 24, 2021 at 10:03 am Operations postponed : Another warning strike hits the University Hospital Düsseldorf hard Hundreds of participants came to the protest rally at Johannes-Rau-Platz at noon, many from the university clinic and IT.NRW. Photo: Semiha Unlu Düsseldorf Almost 300 employees took part, the university clinic described the situation on the wards […]

Memmo, the website with which to ask greetings to celebrities from 20 euros

It concerns personalities from football, film, music or television ‘Find a celebrity, ask for a personalized video and share the joy!’ It is the premise of, a website whose nomenclature already gives cause for thought: does he ooze intelligence who apoquina up to half a thousand euros to receive a celebrity salute? Be that […]

The 10 celebrities who supported José Antonio Kast in the presidential elections

In the elections this Sunday, November 21, the candidate of the Christian Social Front, Jose Antonio Kast, was left with the first national majority with 1,961,122 votes, that is, 27.91% of the votes, followed by the candidate of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric, who obtained 1,814,809 votes, or 27.91%. In that sense, both presidential letters will […]

Elections DNI: the funny photos of the DNI of the famous are viral

The photo that appears in the National identity document (DNI) usually shows people in their form “ms natural“something that gets a lot more interesting when it comes to famous that They are usually seen produced, with makeup and with almost all their photos retouched with photoshop. That is why it is not surprising that in […]

These are the celebrities who have already tried Belén Esteban’s new products

Several celebrities have already tried Belén Esteban’s new products. GTRES The popular television collaborator, most famous for her appearances on Save Me, Belén Esteban. has recently made the leap into the world of gastronomy. A few months ago he brought out his own gazpacho and salmorejo. This time has dared with vegetable cream and chips, […]

Wanted for the 10 most famous sanluisinos – Tribuna de San Luis

Tribuna de San Luis invites the community to participate in the call “Search for 10 iconic San Luisinos”, which will be published on December 13. The members of that list can be actors, singers, politicians, salesmen, communicators, teachers, businessmen, philanthropists, athletes, fans, common San Luisinos who are known and admired. Find out: Look for Jesús […]

What Coca-Cola buys for a record $ 5.6 billion

Coca-Cola owns a 30% stake in BodyArmor, which produces sports drinks, and the company bought the first 15% in 2018. Now it buys the remaining 70% for $ 5.6 billion. The entire business is estimated at $ 8 billion. For Coca-Cola, this is the largest deal in its entire existence – the previous record was […]