Avignon: an attack led by an identity?

Have we escaped, a few hours after the terrible attack on Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, a response from the extreme right? The facts took place around 11:15 a.m. in Avignon in the Montfavet district. Police officers shot dead a young man who threatened them and passers-by with a handgun. The first information may have made […]

In Italy, the lost bet from the far right to the regionals

“Whoever wanted to bring down the government lost”, welcomed the announcement of the first results, Nicola Zingaretti, Secretary General of the Democratic Party (PD, center-left), one of the two forces in power in Italy with the 5 Star Movement (M5S, populist). → THE FACTS. Italy reduces the number of its parliamentarians The main opponents, Matteo […]

Facebook hit at the heart of its business model

Adidas, Puma, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Unilever, Ford … Not a day without a major brand suspending its Facebook ads, thus touching the heart of its economic model, even if the long-term impact of movement remains uncertain. More than 400 companies had joined the #stophateforprofit movement on Wednesday, which asked to suspend all advertising on Facebook and […]

The terminus of Onfray – Liberation

Media philosopher and furious, Michel Onfray creates a magazine which will be called Popular Front. Truly misleading reference: nothing to do with the summer of 1936, Leon Blum or reformist socialism. “We must read separately” Front “and” popular “”, said Onfray, which we understand very quickly. It is in fact a question of bringing together […]

The Norwegian far-right attacks in networks who shows off a UN pin | Global World Blog

Should members of the government pin down the UN’s sustainability goals as the country sidesteps the coronavirus crisis? This question has fueled the political debate in Norway, both in the halls of Parliament, the Storting, and on social media. The multi-colored donut icon representing the 2030 Agenda to achieve the 17 United Nations-promoted Sustainable Development […]

Covid-19: Italy takes even tougher measures

[Note le 11 mars à 22h20 : le Premier ministre italien Giuseppe Conte a annoncé la fermeture de tous les commerces sauf pour l’alimentation et la santé] Will Italy give a new turn in its battle against the Covid-19? While the peninsula already lives in slow motion since the passage of the country in “Protected area”, […]