Tomato deep history | Science

The history of food is fairly simple in rough outline. After 200,000 years living on forest berries, beach clams and the occasional wild boar for big occasions, modern humanity invented agriculture 12,000 years ago – the origin of the Neolithic era – and with it the first settlements, the division of labor and a unusual […]

The Government will allow hiring unemployed and immigrants in the field

He Minister council It plans to approve measures on Tuesday to make the temporary hiring of agricultural sector workers more flexible during the harvest season, according to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture. The decree, drawn up between the Ministries of Agriculture and Labor in tune with the Autonomous Communities and the main agrarian associations, […]

In Patagonia, a fly fishing master class (beginners welcome)

ONE WEEK I DON’T LIKE Any of the other 3,000 that I have spent on Earth began as a surprise for my wife’s birthday. Seven days in a remote fly-fishing lodge in Argentina, at the southern end of Patagonia. Here we were, the equivalent of fly fishing for fishermen, reserved for fishing in some of […]

Flat will not increase agricultural bonuses to diesel and irrigation

He announces that he will keep them the same as now the entire legislature. Nor will it touch the module system. Only agrees to increase the provision of agricultural insurance Farmers hoped that after the meeting they held this week at the Ministry of Agriculture, a counterproposal by Minister Luis Planas had already been made […]

The Government does not placate the countryside or with the reduction of the peonadas

Farmers maintain the mobilizations. Although Planas guarantees a fair price and prohibits the sale at losses, there are no tax rebates or price cuts Yesterday was the day when the agricultural groups expected that the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, would give them concrete solutions to their demands. But, according to what was announced after […]

Farmers consider government measures “positive” but “insufficient”

The agrarian protest has had a “positive” response from the Government but “insufficient” for the main agrarian organizations – COAG, Asaja and UPA – that will keep the mobilizations convened in the coming weeks. This was stated by the representatives of the Spanish producers after the Government approved on Tuesday a decree-law of urgent measures […]

Country protests in Jaén and Ciudad Real

A group of about 400 people, 30 tractors and 35 SUVs, according to data provided by the Government Subdelegation in Jaén, has cut the A-312, passing through Navas de San Juan (Jaén), to protest low oil prices at source. Also in Villargordo all accesses to the town from the A-6000 remain collapsed with the presence […]

Injected vaccines The only way to fight the flu this season

Vaccines are the most important thing for many who talk about illnesses during the flu season, and many were also talking about a nasal spray variant that makes the experience quick and easy. However, in reality, no nasal spray vaccines are offered, says Bev Unger, Regional Manager of Public Health and Healthy Living. The flu […]