| Middle east

Rewrite this content (political analysis) In light of information about Tehran’s “procrastination” in extracting its ally, Damascus, from the unprecedented fuel crisis that has beset it for months, and the start of normalization negotiations between Syria and Turkey, with Iran absent from it, and the talk of a shift by the Syrian government to move […]

Primark cheap prices and why

Rewrite this content Saccperkábé will have its 420th store Primarkthat he will open in Hungary, although the event is expected to take place a little later, sometime between September 16, 2023 and September 15, 2024. And who knows, maybe the Hungarian webshop will launch at the same time as the opening, so even those who […]

The two brothers’ orphans | Middle east

Rewrite this content In his article last Tuesday, Professor Daoud Al-Farhan recounts some of the delicacies of rapture between Iraq and Lebanon, including the story of two songs by Fayrouz, the first, “I am the sparrow of grief,” and the second, “I have gathered the memory of yesterday’s meeting with the fringes.” He says, based […]

“Anna Warintorn” rises again on the world runway Paris Fashion Week 2023

Rewrite this content After on 23 Jan. “Warinthorn Watsang” or “Anna TV Pool” was invited to sit in the front row Watch fashion shows from brands Schiaparelli Among many world-class celebrities in Paris Fashion Week 2023 And most recently, on January 24, she came back to shine again. As a runway model Anna WarintornNot sinking, […]

Astronomical warning: stars ‘disappear from the night sky’

Rewrite this content A number of astronomers have warned that the stars in the night sky are no longer visible before our eyes. Every year, the sky gets brighter [نتيجة التلوث الضوئي بسبب الاستخدام المفرط أو غير المناسب للضوء الاصطناعي] By 10 percent, according to a major new study, which means that a large number […]

Riyadh season… God’s victory! | Middle east

Rewrite this content Hassan Nasrallah made a televised speech in which he tried to incite his followers and the Lebanese against Saudi Arabia, saying that Riyadh can pay a sum of money to get Lebanon out of its crisis, even if it is as much as it is spent on the Saudi Football League, or […]