After several failed attempts to execute him, an American prisoner is suing the Alabama authorities for failing to inject him with a lethal injection.

Exclusive translation An American prisoner named “Alan Miller” in Alabama was subjected to a lethal injection on September 22 last while he was being executed, but he survived and suffered from major health problems, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail”. The 57-year-old prisoner caused a major controversy in the United States, and his incident caused […]

China’s victory formula and obstacles found in ‘Meng Wanzhou’s release’

Huawei Vice Chairman Meng Wanzhou waves to a welcoming crowd before disembarking from a charter plane at Bao’an Airport in Shenzhen, China on the night of the 25th. Shenzhen = Reuters Yonhap News Agency China is singing a triumphant hymn after the release of Huawei Vice Chairman Meng Wanzhou after the US Justice Department delayed […]