“Brexit has skyrocketed traffic by 25% for fear of a collapse”

Virginia Navarro | President of the Association of Consignees and Stevedores ACBE He explains that companies are stockpiling stocks and that, given the already evident blockage on the road, they resort to the sea route Container terminal of the Port of Bilbao. / P. URRESTI ANA BARANDIARAN Monday 14 December 2020, 01:03 Navarro entered the […]

A major volcanic eruption occurred in Indonesia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: esdm.go.id On the island of Lomblin in southern Indonesia, the Levotolo volcano ejected a column of ash to a height of 4 km. This was reported by the country’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. According to the report, seismicity increased at 00:06, indicating the influx of magma. Then, 15 minutes before the start […]

“This immediate alchemy scared us”

Why did you decide to participate in “Married at first sight”? Joachim : It will sound silly, but I couldn’t find the right girl, I always reproduced the same pattern which did not correspond to me. That’s why I let the experts do it … Elodie: I was not desperate, but I wanted to try an […]

Layers of Fear and QUBE 2 now available for free on the Epic Games Store

New free games are coming to Epic Games Store, Epic Games’ digital store for computers, which offers one or two titles every week for all its users. This time it’s about Layers Of Fear Y Q.U.B.E. 2, what you can get until October 31 if you have an account in the store and add them […]

“In New York, hospitals are constantly close to saturation”

New York City became the main focus of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States last week, with nearly 40,000 people tested positive and nearly 1,000 dead. Many hospitals in the first American city are already overheating, and must manage the influx of patients, with very uneven resources from one hospital to another, as these […]