Executive actions from President Biden’s first week – Telemundo Phoenix / Tucson

Friday, January 22Executive Order: directing the federal government to provide emergency financial assistance to Americans with existing authority (includes food assistance, worker safety, more). Executive Order: empowerment of federal workers and contractors (promote the $ 15 minimum wage for federal workers). Thursday, January 21Executive order: Establishment of a COVID-19 pandemic test board, and ensuring a […]

Experts recommend closing stores if situation worsens (Brussels)

Minister Vandenbroucke. — © BELGA BRUSSELS – The experts from the Gems Advisory Board have submitted a plan to the government recommending, among other things, closing non-essential stores as soon as the situation deteriorates. That appears to be the case, now that the British variant appears to be circulating. Koen Baumers Friday, January 15, 2021 […]

Corona in Germany: metropolises against the virus – politics

The eleven largest cities in Germany now have one thing in common, said Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Friday: “A high and, in some cases, rapidly growing number of corona infections”. For this reason, she had called for the first time a telephone conference of the mayors, at the end of which there were promises: […]

Donald Trump: He leaves Joe Biden in ruins in the United States

Washington. It won’t be long before Donald Trump will leave his office as US President: Joe Biden will be sworn in as the new US President on January 19 Trump still does not want to admit his defeat. But the chances of maintaining power are hopeless. Still: Trump leaves a lot of scorched earth and […]

New law against child abuse: data protection officer warns

EU commission Child Abuse Law: Data Protection Officer warns The EU Commission is planning a new law against child abuse. But the data protection officer Ulrich Kelber warns of false alarms. Updated: 12/23/2020, 5:30 am The law is about exemptions for so-called number-independent messenger services, with which Facebook and other companies should be allowed to […]

Donald Trump: Use these tricks to keep the President in office

US election USA: This is how President Donald Trump wants to stay in office Donald Trump fights tirelessly to stay in power: The US president still wants to stay in office after his election defeat. Updated: 12/22/2020, 6:36 PM US Congress agrees on huge corona aid package Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress have […]

Opponents of the Corona measures in Berlin

Dhe interior administration and the police in Berlin fear aggressive protests against the federal government’s corona policy on Wednesday. “It is mobilized very aggressively, especially among Reich citizens and in the neo-Nazi scene,” said a spokesman for the interior administration of the FAZ. That was anything but reassuring, even if it was difficult to estimate […]

Children’s league for baby elephant spot: Don’t hold children responsible for adult behavior! | Austrian League for Children

Children’s league sees the government’s wrong signal in the current baby elephant spot. Adults have to take responsibility for children, not the other way around. Vienna (OTS) – The Austrian League for Child and Adolescent Health (Children’s League) is very critical of the government’s new Corona commercial (“It’s not easy for a baby elephant”). “The […]