Why did some not receive their payment from the PKU in July?

The question is on the lips of all Canadians who benefit from the Canadian Emergency Benefit (CEP) from Employment Insurance. Why haven’t I received my July installment? • Read also: Over 40% of Quebec workers have obtained PKU • Read also: Trudeau defends PKU despite Quebec City criticism People who actually applied for ECP through […]

Other Health Canada Warning for Hand Sanitizers

Other hand sanitizers that pose health risks were pinned on Monday by Health Canada. The three products targeted are Ascencia Hand Sanitizer, Protectenol Hand Sanitizer and Sanify Hand Sanitizer. These products contain technical grade ethanol which is not suitable for this use. Since Ottawa authorized non-pharmaceutical and food-grade sources of ethanol, there have been many […]

Bundestag punishes “upskirting” and accident photos

The Bundestag has approved a law aimed at strengthening personal protection: anyone who photographs women under their skirts or spreads pictures of dead victims of accidents will face punishments in the future. The secret photography under the skirt or in the neckline will be a crime in the future. The same applies when photographing or […]

Federal government declares war on the CJNG by blocking bank accounts

Without using weapons or displaying elements, the federal government declared war on the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) through the freezing of bank accounts that include bosses and relatives of the criminal group who are wanted and required by authorities and district courts in U.S. The strategy was intensified after the attack against the secretary […]

Outrage at Donald Trump’s blasphemy against Angela Merkel: “unbearable”

Donald Trump has reportedly insulted Angela Merkel and other high-ranking politicians over the phone. The US broadcaster CNN reports. This causes outrage among German politicians. Alleged insults by US President Donald Trump against Chancellor Angela Merkel and other heads of government in confidential phone calls have shook heads of German foreign politicians. “I was not […]

Chancellor Merkel comments on the column of the taz

DAccording to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the federal government has reacted correctly in dealing with the controversial “taz” column about the police. The interior minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) on the one hand stood behind the police, she said during the government survey on Wednesday in the Bundestag in Berlin. On the other hand, he took […]

EU Presidency: “The priorities are right” – politics

Germany is taking over the EU Council Presidency for six months this Wednesday and expectations are huge – also in the European Parliament. Its president David Sassoli says in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung the expectation that the federal government will ensure that the EU becomes more modern and united. For the conversation, Sassoli […]

Minimum wages are expected to rise to EUR 10.45 by 2022

Good news for many workers: the minimum wage should rise. The responsible commission recommends a gradual increase to 10.45 euros – even though the economy slumped in the Corona crisis. The statutory minimum wage in Germany is to increase in four stages by July 1, 2022 from the current EUR 9.35 to EUR 10.45. This […]