Online personal loans: a trend in a pandemic :: EL HERALDO

Making profit during this period of time became a real challenge. In this context of heavy indebtedness and the need to reinvent itself to overcome difficulties, online personal loans are a perfect ally to solve a type of economic emergency or also reinvent, for example, a business that adapts to the new normal. For example, […]

The Extremadura Federation of Donors urges citizens to donate

The Extremadura Federation of Donors urges citizens to donate Home / Extremadura / The Extremadura Federation of Donors urges citizens to donate He warns that the Extremadura Blood Bank “is at a minimum”, and it is necessary that “it can recover from this pothole.” January 12, 2021 .

MÄUSS presents “METATRÓN”, new album :: EL HERALDO

On this CD, Mäuss presents ten songs, performed, produced and composed by him. In this work, Mäuss brings a fresh sound, with band sounds, playing all instruments, guitars, basses, keyboards, percussions, drums and electronics. He does not limit himself to rapping, but also sings in several songs about contemporary rhythms, which evoke a timeless, current, […]


Escalade Supervisors Etienne BRUNET Brice GASTON Nicolas GAUTREAU Jean GREMILLON Alexis LAHOUZE Ludovic PERROT Maud TRICOIRE Nathalie TROUGNAC Bertrand YGORRA The outings are for everyone, the program specifies the required level. As for young people (8-17 years old), they will find their place in the climbing school. Eventually, climbing can lead you to go mountaineering. […]

They sentenced a medical assistance company :: EL HERALDO

An affiliate, representing the family group, sued Swiss Medical SA for damages for not having provided the required home hospitalization prescribed by the medical oncologist to her husband (who later died) and parents of their children, who were in serious condition. agonizing, leaving him free at his private home without any medical assistance to the […]

The Higher Sports Council investigates badminton accounts | sports

The Superior Sports Council (CSD) asked last October the accounts of the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA), chaired by David Cabello, for alleged irregularities. They are currently checking “a series of expenses related to the Federation’s staff, relative to the 2017 and 2018 financial years: expenses for subsistence, travel or representation,” sources from the CSD confirm […]

Acefalía in Santa Fe basketball? | Specials

COMMUNICATION FROM THE ROSARINA BASQUET ASSOCIATION The claims made by the Rosarina Basketball Association before the Santa Fe Legal Entity Inspection were heard and reflected by Resolution No. 887/2020, dated September 14, where it was established ?? REVOKE RESOLUTION 496, ISSUED ON JUNE 9, 2020 ??, in which the comprehensive reform of the Statute of […]

Chocolate Federation wants to be the ‘Juan Valdez’ of cocoa | Business

Amid efforts to boost consumption of high-quality, fine-flavored chocolate, the National Federation of Cocoa Growers and a group of producers present their own store. It’s called Federación Chocolate and the first one will be inaugurated in Parque La 93 this Wednesday. (Cocoa trees would reach a record figure of 60,000 tons). This initiative that takes […]