Tense moments at Fenerbahçe Divan Board

Vefa Küçük responded to the words of Atilla Öztürk, a member of the council committee, about her on the podium. Vefa Küçük’s explanations: I can’t stand to come here like this and accuse me unjustly. I’m a candidate guys. I am a candidate even if it is tomorrow, I am a candidate even if it […]

Flash words for Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç from Şansal Büyüka!

“You didn’t privatize, you escaped from the truth” “You attributed the team’s failure to this place by blaming and targeting the TFF, MHK, the media, and the broadcaster. By doing so, you convinced yourself, the team and the community. You did not make any self-criticism, you escaped from the truth. I must say that the […]

There was a great reaction from Volkan Demirel to Pereira’s words about Fenerbahce.

After Fenerbahçe Coach Vitor Pereira openly stated that they are not likely to win the UEFA Europa League at the moment, football commentator Volkan Demirel was criticized. Speaking on beIN Sports, Demirel said, “Fenerbahce almost has that trophy.” He said that the goal of the yellow-dark blue team should be the UEFA Europa League championship. […]

Good 28 hour scorecard of our football | Ugur MELEKE

class=”cf”> We started at Dolmabahçe at 8 am on Wednesday evening. We finished in Frankfurt at midnight last night. In a period of approximately 28 hours, the three big ones of Istanbul went through a “leveling test” against 2 German-1 Italian teams. After 28 hours, I think the scorecard of Turkish football is not bad […]