Rollover like in the Hollywood film: 700 euros fine for horror crash News

Show more about the video Spectacular accident on an idyllic English country road. A bit of radio in the background – unfortunately a bit cloudy. Nothing spectacular in sight. A completely normal drive on the country road. Until that happens! When trying to avoid a wrong-way driver, the 20-year-old driver loses control of his Fiat […]

Fiat 125 S vintage test

Sports sedans in the sixties were mostly produced by BMW or Alfa Romeo. But it would be a mistake to neglect competitors from other brands as well. For example, the Fiat 125 S was an excellent sports sedan of that time, as anyone who has ever had the opportunity to drive it will confirm. Type […]

Tips for the best small cars under 50 thousand crowns. Reliable, practical and fun

Rewrite this content In this price range, every crown saved is good, so it pays to avoid car dealerships and look more directly in private ads. This way you can also get to know the previous owner’s approach personally. The minicar category itself generally means low operating costs, agile driving characteristics and reliability, which, however, […]

Fiat Scudo L3 2.0 Mjet 180 LE AT8

Fiat Scudo is easy to get in and out of thanks to the wide and high door. There is nothing that prevents a person from moving, not even the steering wheel. Taking a place in the driver’s seat, a wide and tall instrument panel welcomes the driver who wants to work, but one’s head quickly […]