the return to the fields of European workers

French farmers should be able to find part of their seasonal foreign labor. The government’s announcement Thursday (May 7) to open borders to seasonal workers from the European Union, even outside of Schengen, is a relief to the profession. A total of about 276,000 seasonal workers are needed for the May and June crops, according […]

“Champs-Élysées, history and perspectives”, the fields of possibilities

In the photos, the Champs-Élysées gardens are deserted. No wonder in this period of confinement. Except that the photos of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal exhibition devoted to the famous avenue were taken well before this strange spring … With its 24 hectares, the green spaces of the Champs-Élysées are three times larger than the Parc […]

Swastikas, Hitler greetings … Nazi death camps suffer a denialist offensive

AFP Updated:04/15/2020 12: 37h save Related news Swastika, selfies with Hitler greetings or denialist inscriptions in the guest books are one of the many provocations increasingly alarming those responsible for memory sites installed in the old ones Nazi death camps. “Incidents in these enclaves have always existed but an increase is noted“Acknowledges Volkhard Knigge, director […]

Florida Theme Parks takes Steps to Deal with Coronavirus Concerns – NBC 6 South Florida

The major Florida theme parks are taking steps to address coronary virus concerns, using improved cleaning practices and other preventive measures. In Thursday’s statement, Orlando Universal officials said that they often contacted health officials and their own health experts and are closely monitoring the situation. “We are communicating with our staff and reinforcing our best […]

María Teresa Campos feared she would get a depression

Since October 2018 he did not step on Mediaset sets, but a call from Jorge Javier Vázquez changed everything. María Teresa Campos was the great protagonist of the last ‘Saturday Deluxe’. Received in the smell of crowds, with Sinatra’s ‘My way’ in the background, the presenter sat down before Vázquez to explain sharply that she […]